Thursday, June 9, 2011

Doily sadness

So, I'm tating along - la de dah, doe de doe, dum de dum. I'm on round 14. The doily's starting to get a real pineapple feel to it.

Honestly, I don't know why this is rotated.

Then I saw it. The sadness.

See? Rotated. Durn.
 The place where there is only one ring, not two. See it? The scissors are pointing to it.

The scissors are put away, and now the healing has begun. Back to round 14 - I need calm thoughts.

This was the sunset on Monday night. Gorgeous. Ommmmmm. I feel better now, don't you?

On another note, I just got an iPhone, and I love it. Moe made a little movie using it.

Here's our fancy bantam chickens. The rooster makes the tiniest crow - it's really cute.

Not much happening here, except I'm working a lot, DH is working a lot, Curly is working (Hallelujah!), and it's hot as Hades here in Hotlanta. Moe is out of school, so he's not working, 'cept when we force him to do chores. Because we are mean parents, and expect him to assist in the household. So there.

Vader cannot be forced into doing anything. He does NOT care.


  1. sorry about your doily, that is sad that you have to undue part of the round.
    cute banties, looks like they have a good home

  2. Your tatting never ceases to amaze me!! I do not see a mistake.
    The sunset is beautiful.
    It's HOT here in TN too! Miserable!
    Vader is my kind of cat.

  3. Whew! I'm not the only one who does that! Sorry it happened to you, but I'm glad you had a beautiful sunset to calm you. I love my iPhone also!

  4. Oh NO!!!! I saw those scissors....wham/bash/pffflaff/shiz/ and stark terror seized my very being!

    Well, that and I sort of shuddered. Glad the piece is on the mend! It is lovely.

    That face - Vader - he is the one that makes me want to run out NOW and find my next imminent new cat companion and partner in crime! My luck, he - the next companion - will be as big and lazy and beautiful and loveable and impossible as that crazy, wonderful feline Vader, who deigns to live with you!
    Fox Who Misses Felines : )

  5. Pangs of sympathy for the doily. Pangs of affection for your son and the chickens.

  6. Oh no! Consider it a blessing that you hadn't gotten any farther along before noticing the lone ring.

    Fox's shudder was followed by my very sharp pangs of terror and regret. AUGH!

    That darned cat with his goatee and piercing eyes. I just want to hug him, then shake a finger for being so darned mischieveous. The bantam birds are darling!

  7. Love your tatting and I love my iphone too.
    Have you learned how to put tatting patterns,thread inventory and tatting videos on it?
    If not you're going to love it even more.