Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend at Chez Crazy

Not much goings on here. There has been, but soon it will be dead quiet.

I've been working hard to get Moe ready to go off to 2 camps that happen consecutively. Tomorrow about noon, he goes with his church youth group to a small college for a week long retreat. It's for Middle School age kids, something called the Great Escape. He'll be there until early Saturday afternoon. Moe won't be home 24 hours, because about 8:30 am the next day, he goes off for a week of Boy Scout camp in North Georgia.

Two week of Moe being happy and a sort of vacation for DH and I. It's all good!

I spent a lot of time at big box stores this weekend, getting socks and underwear and flashlights. I've made sure all the paperwork for both camps is ready to go and clipped together.  And then - I took a nap.

Cisco happily laid down with me. He was so pleased to have me to himself.

We lounged for a while this afternoon. It was nice. Cisco loves to be petted - he's such a good boy.

Other household members have been lounging too. Vader chose the kitchen table as his napping place. I woke him a bit, and he's stretching. (DH hates when the cats get on the table. I can't really blame him.)

My doily continues on. I found another spot I could have cut out, but I just ignored it and went on. I'm getting pretty tired of this doily and want to finish it soon.

Hope your weekend was good....


  1. Oh. I am laughing out loud! Cisco is sooo cute and must really appreciate those precious quiet moments alone with you. Away form you-know-who!
    Fox : ))

    his expression ...on the table... too funny!

  2. AND the labelling! - I well remember all those hours I used to spend sewing name tags onto every single item of clothing for Scout camps.....and things still get lost, in spite of the effort.

  3. That's a gift, to lounge anywhere like that.
    Good luck with your camper! We've got 2 weeks of back-to-back camp for Mr. T next month and I fear it will be a panic getting him ready!

  4. What a contended sigh must have come with that well-earned nap, from you AND Cisco. (Though part of me is surprised Mr. V. - His Royal Badness didn't pounce to announce his presence.)

    It is always the last rounds that are the most laborious in doilies, isn't it? You'll make it. This one is a beauty!