Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming to the end of the Pineapple Heaven doily

I am pleased to report that I am finally, finally, it's about damn time, finally tatting the 16th and last round of the Pineapple Heaven doily.

This last round is all chains, and should go fast. You can really see the pineapple shape in it now - pretty, isn't it? And I'm happy to say that I used split rings and split chains to crawl out of every round to go on to the next. I'll block it as soon as I finish, which should make a world of difference.

And I'm sooooo glad to be finishing. I'm really, really sick of working on this one project now.

I don't have really that much time to tat. Just sometimes at lunch and some in the evening - and then it's hit or miss. I work FT and have a hellish commute (2-3 hrs total a day) plus there's home and the Stooges. So - not much free time. I envy those who have more time!

In other news, since Moe is off at camp (yea camp!), Vader finds himself without a night time companion. Moe sleeps like the dead and doesn't care if there is a large cat standing on him. DH is not that way. The other night ,Vader jumped up on us in the bed at some really early hour (Vader seems to weigh 75 lbs when he's standing on your stomach with his pointy paws) and wanted petting. I pet cats automatically. DH, not so much. Then DH moved in the bed and Vader ATTACKED his feet, causing blood and pain. And cursing. This has not prevented Vader from jumping on the bed every morning since then - and I think he will continue to, until Moe returns.

Vader has been enjoying watching fish. A neighbor gave us this tank & fish, and Vader's been fascinated.

Mom says a fish tank is TV for cats, and I'm inclined to agree. (Sorry about the noise - DH was banging pots in the kitchen during this. The tank and everything about it belongs to DH, hence the mess.) Vader spends a lot of time here. Sophie and Cisco could care less.

Oh - I almost forgot this. The geek in me LOVES this.Look here for further info.

It's been hot. Bad hot. Hellish hot. It's been over 90F since May 29. (That over 32 for you Celsius folks.) I know I live in Hotlanta, but shesh, this is ridiculous! What will July and August bring? I shudder to think. We did get a little rain last night, and our plants are sooo grateful.

How is your summer going?


  1. Your pineapple doily is lovely. It was worth your time...looking forward to see it after blocked.

    Vader ...oh Vader

    I shudder to think about August for us in Georgia. So far as to the rain, we have been a bit fortunate up here in the Northeast section. It would be hot during the day and for the past 5 evenings/nights it has rained. Last night was a doosey! ..had what I consider mild hurricane winds along with the rain. If I had a lot of hot air I would blow the rain clouds over to you... and to our pals in SC!

  2. I have to tell you I'm amazed that you have perservered with this doily. I tried tatting some small pineapple motifs a few years ago, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, and gave up. I decided it was MUCH FASTER for me to crochet them. I'm still interested in converting some crochet to tatting, but not pineapples!

    After deluges of rain here, we had extremely high 90's which finally abated about this time last week but I hear they're headed up again.

  3. Your doily is gorgeous! I can imagine that it has been a project that you were anxious to finish.
    I know about the not having time to do anything for myself thing. I was there when my kids were all still at home. Now, I just have problems with time management.
    It has been unseasonally hot here, too! We got a great soaking rain yesterday, though. I'm hoping it will help with my allergies.

  4. Okay - you are a true geek! I cannot believe that I watched that whole Digi-video! What does that make me? It is really something...

    And, ohh yes, your doily is looking very good!

    Hope the temps even out down there. That is HOT.
    Fox : )

  5. Vader continues to give all of us our chuckle for the day. It's a good thing there's a cover on the tank - although you may be missing out on an opportunity to have a winning video on the AFV TV show! Also love the story about his jumping on the bed!

    We're getting a break this week here in Western PA after our week-long bout of 90-degree weather I like the southern breezes sent to us in the winter, but not in summer! I can't get anything done in the hot humid stuff.

    The doily looks quite nice. I'm amazed how much you do accomplish, with such a busy schedule. I admit it's great to be retired and no longer dealing with commutes to work! Is most of your commute time spent stuck in that heavy Atlanta traffic? That would be very stressful for me!

  6. I discovered that I accomplished MUCH more when I had 5 chilkdren under my feet and was over-committed; you seem to become so much better at Time management when you're busy!
    I decided in the end, after thinking about it, that it was due to the facrt that I used to get up very yearly in the morning, in order to have a couple of hours to myself before the day began.
    Now that I no longer do that, the hours seem to be filled with daily trivia, and Having a retired husband who is "home for lunch" every day, while it is lovely, does eat into my crafting time!

    And my Vader....awwww - he loves you!

  7. Errrr....Typed it in a hurry, Didn't turn on the light
    Now I'm home to see it -
    I want to put it right!!

    (but there isn't an edit button, is there?)

  8. wow, your doily is lovely, what a lot of work :) I haven't accomplished a doily like this yet, I admire your stick-to-it-ness :)

  9. I am in awe at your patience with your doily.
    Giant cats seem to have an inborn need to stand on the chests of humans.

  10. Big cats are so funny, they never seem to notice their heft.
    Congrats on the pineapples.
    Send some of that heat north to me now.