Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's summer and I'm a slug

Honestly, I haven't done much of anything. I had days recently where I did nothing but go to work and hang out at home - alone! - and I didn't get anything accomplished.

I have no tatting to show you. Not that I haven't been tatting some - I'm taking the tatting design class and designing a small motif. Which I can't get right, so I have nothing to show. I'm also making a new cross, my own design. Which I can't get right, so again, nothing to show.

Le sigh.

But wait! I do have things to tell!  Moe is back, and he had a great time at both camps!  He came back stinky and filthy, but happy and sorta tan.  With a leather wallet he made in crafts! And he's tallened...  He's now taller than me - I am officially the shortest person in my house!

And Curly - Curly has gotten his meds and had a little appointment with the courts. DH and I went with him this morning for his arraignment. He plead not guilty to his charges. He qualifies for a public defender since he lives elsewhere and is pretty broke. Which is helpful, 'cause we aren't paying for a lawyer. We're pretty broke too.  I'm very new to the court thing, so I'm not sure what to expect. We are taking it as it comes, day by day.

And what's coming for me in the next few days?  VACATION! Yes - a week away from work. And I need it.

Saturday Moe and I are heading to Charleston SC, to stay with my sister the college prof. My brother and his family are coming down from Boston, Mom is coming down from the mountain, and I think my other sister is going to be there too. So we'll have a fun little gathering. I really love my family, and love to spend time with them. We have the best time! I'll be back on Tuesday. (DH is staying home to do some political stuff. It's his thing, not mine.)

I think Mom is bringing Dad too, or what's left of him. (He died in 2007 and we have his ashes. Mom had Dad on the pew with her when my brother got married. Made me giggle.) Anyhow, we are all going over to Mepkin Abbey, as the late Abbot was a dear friend of his and Daddy wanted to remain near Frances. Daddy used to go to the Abbey for retreats often - it helped him when he was having a hard time. So we'll tromp over to the Abbey's cemetery and scatter some of Daddy around.

I'm also planning to go to an exhibit in Charleston, one on clothing and textiles in the Civil War. I'm hoping to find some interesting laces there. And while I'm in the area, I'll do some genealogy research.

Oh, and we'll probably hit the beach. And eat. Have you ever been to Charleston? They have some good restaurants. And oh, is it ever gorgeous!

My sister has already planned a shrimp boil on Saturday. Moe and I can't wait. Come on, Saturday!


  1. Vacations are wonderful! Today Mom heads back to Alabama, and Joanne heads back to Minnesota. Dave starts vacation tomorrow, so we'll head up to visit Andrea and family on Tuesday, but he has to be back Thursday. Honestly, I think I have more free time when school is in session!

    Enjoy your vacation, and I look forward to seeing some tatting! : )

  2. Sounds like a WONDERFUL time! I only drove through Charleston - well, maybe stayed in a hotel on the outskirts, but it was at night and I couldn't see anything. I would love to spend some time there.

  3. That 'hanging around at home' time is quite important. I was glad to hear you took some time just to do that! You were 'only' going to work?? Good grief - that is exhausting in itself.

    Sounds like a great line-up for the holiday weekend! We spent a few days in Charleston in Decembr 1987 and I was totally enchanted, not to mention delighted with the warm weather!

    I would love to see that exhibit!

  4. I was in Charleston/Summerville for a week 2 years ago, thought I would get to go again this fall, but daughter is getting married. They do have a nice beach and lovely, yummy resturants
    have fun on your trip. sorry for curly, will continue to offer prayers. have a nice time at the Abbey, they can be peaceful places.

  5. I could not get by these sentences - totally lost it. You DO have a way with words!

    "... I think Mom is bringing Dad too, or what's left of him. ...So we'll tromp over to the Abbey's cemetery and scatter some of Daddy around."

    Mirthful Fox : ))