Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Update

I've been going a mile a minute at work, staying late every night, , and haven't had time to do anything but drop when I get home. I really don't like my job these days, way too much work and pressure and I'm so underpaid. So I've been too busy to blog..

At home, we're prepping for Moe to start his first year of high school. It's a brand new school, quite enormous for public education. Moe has a "Freshmen Fiesta" tomorrow at 4 pm to get a locker, meet some teachers, and learn his way around the giant school. Really, it's gargantuan - the gym has two full sized basketball courts with bleachers, much like a small college. The campus is on 80 acres - I am not making this up. Moe starts school on Thursday of next week. That's the way things are done here is the South, kids start school in the worst of the heat of the summer. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either.

But I have been tatting a bit. I'm taking the Design Tat online class, and this is a motif I've designed in the class. It's called Butterfly Garden. I tatted it in Fuchsia HDT size 20 (by Sherry Pence) and a green DMC Perle. I'll post the pattern later. I'm kinda diggin' it.

I hope it's sorta cool where you are, 'cause Hotlanta is living up to its name this summer.


  1. It's just as hot in Alabama too.
    You did a Great job on your design. It's lovely.

  2. Ooooh, pretty! I really like your butterfly garden. Will you share your pattern?

  3. This motif is quite attractive, and I love the 'butterflies' in the corners. It would be interesting to see the design that would be formed if several were attached together! I really like the thread colors, too! I can't imagine how you've found the time to do the design class!

    I also can't believe the kids there have to go back to school already! Do they get out in May? I'm not thrilled that the 'Back to School' ads started a few weeks ago! Many schools were still in session until the middle of June!

  4. you designed this one? it is absolutely beautiful!!! I really like this, you did an excellent job!

  5. Sorry it's so busy at work. But your new design has turned out very nice. My DH looked over my shoulder, said "ooh, that's tatting, and it's nice too!" I couldn't agree more. Good work! (and good luck to Moe... my high school in the south was not quite so big but still we had to start in the hottest part of the summer... in a building made completely of brick and steel with almost no windows in Texas!!)

  6. Wow. Butterfly Garden is a treasure. I'll be looking for the pattern.
    Yes, it's cooler in Central OR. We had about 15 people here for a BBQ around a camp fire in our back yard this eve.and was very comfortable. They tell us it will get up into the 90's real soon. So thankful for our comfortable weather. Karen in OR

  7. Very pretty, I like your design a lot!

  8. Your Butterfly Garden design rocks! Noticed it in the thumbs straight off! Congrats.

    Had just been wondering where you had got to... Poof! There you are! I have been missing missed your sideways remarks.

    Gotta tell you - Gian is channelling Vader. Yup. I will post pics soon! : ))

  9. Bravo for you and your new design! Butterfly Garden is a winner.

    Is the motif square or round or perhaps square with rounded corners?

    It looks fabulous!

  10. WOW! Great work, CM! Very "formal garden" in appearance - and the colors are perfect.

    Rock on, Crazy Mom!

    Tatting (and melting from the heat) in Greenwood, South Carolina

  11. That makes no sense to me either, sending kids to school in the thickest heat. Weird. And that? Is one HUGE school. Good luck to Moe!

  12. Love the motif! I haven't checked in on the current class yet. Looks like maybe I need to.

  13. I like the Butterfly Garden..I am glad I joined your blog.