Monday, August 1, 2011

I've been buried

These days, I hate my job. I really do. I'm underpaid and very overworked, and I have huge pressures at work. It's very political at my job, and I'm not an office politics kind of gal. It may sound odd, but I like to do a good job and not get kicked in the teeth for it. This is usually NOT what happens at my current place of employment. It's like the end of the world when anything goes wrong. And while my boss is very supportive, there are many people at my job who are out to assign blame for anything they can. Gleefully.

This past week has been something of a cluster f*** at work for me. One of my systems had a big problem. I went in early, had awful, endless meetings where lots of fingers pointed at me (and I had done nothing wrong), culminating in very long, late, stressful hours. I finally got things wound up late Friday, and then I spent all day Saturday at the local hospital taking some classes for a medical condition I have. I didn't want to go to the classes, but Big Brother the insurance company was twisting my arm. Afterwards, I came home and dropped from exhaustion. I even ditched church on Sunday - and I go regularly. I needed the rest.

Good news - today was better at work! It was more a normal day, no major crisis to handle. Hurrah! The rest of the week looks pretty good too. I'm hoping things stay quiet....

I rested some on Sunday, took a little nap with Vader. I like having a kitty sleeping with me, it's restful. And they love on me so much....

In other news...

Moe starts school on Thursday, and had a good time at the Freshman Fiesta. He found his homeroom and was assigned a locker. He knows where the important things like the bathroom and the cafeteria are. And he saw a bunch of his buddies there. I've got him loaded up with school supplies. So he is ready for the school bus on Thursday.

Curly is out of town working some with the company he'd done work for earlier. It's a long stretch out of town, about 8-9 days, working with an old buddy of DH's. Plus Curly is working some at the local mall, and the place will work with his other work schedule. So - money is coming in for Curly, at least for now. He's having some issues with his landlord, but I'm leaving that up to Curly to manage. I hope he has a place to stay when he comes back to town.

Larry roared with laughter when I showed him these on the web (available here). (Flashbacks to PBS in the late '80s - "Let's put some happy little trees over here by this lake...")  I offered to get these for DH, but he declined. His reason? He prefers boxers.

I picked up a few books recently via which is one of my favorite places to get used books. I picked up two tatting books - Lynn Morton's Tatting Patterns, and The DMC Book of Charted Tatting Designs. I'm pleased to have these in my tatting library. I also got a great buy on current read for my Pulitzer book club, Gone With the Wind. I read this voraciously as a teen, and adored Scarlet. I found a nice hardback copy with dust jacket for under $4, shipped! Oh, Ashley....

Cisco cares nothing about Scarlett, and even less about that dumb old Ashley. He just wants me to pet him.


  1. has been a long time favorite of mine but in the past year, I've been finding cheaper prices at Amazon or

    Glad you finally got some R&R.

  2. I always thought that Melanie was a big wus... All that 'Oh, Scahhhlet..." Sh**! But, Ashley, ASHLEY! NOW you're talking!

    Great cat pics, great post and good news about the lessening tensions. May they stay becalmed.
    Fox : ))

  3. So happy to hear that Monday wasn't the train wreck of the previous week! Now, if only one or more co-workers could drop by for a pat on the back...THAT would be something.

    I wholeheartedly pat you on the back for for not buckling under the awful pressure, standing strong for the good work that you bring to the job every day and not giving the blamers and haters the time of day.

  4. Hope your work gets better! I've worked at jobs with similar people problems!
    I'm a long time of Gone With The Wind, but I'd rather have Rhett Butler any day of the week! :)

  5. Heehee! I *so* feel your pain. I usually use the mantra, "I get paid by the hour," although I don't really. Somehow it helps.

    And one can always use the kneadings of an adoring feline.

  6. I'm sorry you had such a bad week, but glad things are better, now.

  7. Ack! Bob Ross knickers! Now I've seen everything. Of course I had to follow the link and immediately put that shop on my Etsy favorites list. My husband would NEVER wear something like that. Me, on the other hand...I notice that they're unisex briefs. Hmmmm....

  8. Curious now about just where your job is - I think it might be in the buildings near the park. There are other buildings with offices near me but those are very near. Maybe we can meet for lunch after school starts back . . .