Monday, August 8, 2011

Starting to come up for air - updated

Things are a bit better here at Chez Crazy. I'm not so tired, and I'm getting caught up at work. I spent the weekend finishing my book club book (Gone With The Wind), plus getting a pedicure and some serious napping.

I even did a bit of tatting. Unfortunately, I can't even read my own directions well. This was supposed to be tatted with a smaller picot gauge. Now the scissors will have to come out. Foo.

I've also been spending time updating things in preparation for teaching as Palmetto Tat Days next month. In case you're interested, registration is open. It's a lot of fun - I hope to see some of you there. Come on down, ya'll!

Moe has started school with no problems, hurrah! He's got most of the classes he wanted, and we are trying to change the two that are not quite right. I wish he didn't have an hour bus ride in the morning. Fortunately, it's not so bad in the afternoon. Moe is very agreeable, bless him.

Hand cranked flashlight, $4.99

Moe has been amusing himself with the Ikea catalog. They have some nifty inexpensive things in Ilea. There is an Ikea store here in Hotlanta, close enough for me to make a flying lunch visit during the work day. That only works if I'm organized - the store is truly ginormous! Moe was interested in this flashlight (great for Scouts!), and I might get several to give as stocking stuffers.

Plant pot, 6" high, $2.99

I also like this lovely item. It's supposed to be a plant pot, but I think it's way too pretty for that. I think it could be embellished with some tatting or pretty ribbon, and would be perfect on my desk. Maybe I can use it as a type of plant pot - I have some terrific little dried flowers made from palmetto fronds that I got in Charleston. They would look just right in this.

Hmm. I may have to make a quick trip this week at lunch. I think Thursday would be good...

Vader sucking up the air conditioning

Vader has been making a pest of himself at night. He comes into our bedroom after DH and I are fast asleep, around 4 am, and he jumps up on the bed. This wakes up someone (usually DH), as Vader is a big galoot and doesn't tread lightly. But does Vader content himself with that? Nooooo - he then jumps over DH to land with a thud on my stomach. The next noise one hears is an oof  from me, plus cursing. (Vader is approaching 20 lbs, and not really graceful.) So DH does the manly thing and shuts the cat out of the room until morning. I'm usually wakened later by Vader standing on me yet again, but at least it's after the alarm goes off.  He is bad. And he doesn't care.

Now to take the scissors to my tatting.  Toodles...

PS. I just went to my bathroom to get ready for bed, and found that some cat (probably Vader) has barfed all over my hairbrush. And it's now very dry. Ewwwww


  1. I think Gone With the Wind is my all-time favorite book! Maybe I have time to read it again before school starts. Or maybe not. : )

    I love your green shuttle! I hate when I make the wrong size picots. : (

  2. When tatting goes unrecoverably awry, the scissors are your only hope. (sigh).

    Does IKEA sell cat-proof hair brushes?

  3. They just opened a HUGE Ikea in Denver. G had a VA appt. up there yesterday and we went. I was both over- and underwhelmed. A huge space for pretty much nothing I wanted. ;-) But I can see the appeal. Still, I cannot fathom why nearly half the population of Denver thinks that TODDLERS want to go Ikea. No wonder I'm grumpy!

    Hope your work situation is a bit less stressful these days and glad the boys sound like they're doing all right.

    Take care!

  4. Vader on the A/C cracks me up.
    Every time I go to Ikea, it seems like it's the 3 hour tour. We have to look at EVERYTHING!

  5. Your tatting is lovely, and Vader is a handsome feline.

  6. Vader was probably just showing his love - in a sharing/caring/scaring kinda way.