Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revenge is sweet

I'm tatting and working away, plus I spent the weekend trucking kids all over the county. I'm tatting a necklace for me, and I'll show it to you soon. No hurricane or earthquake here, that heavens. I did see a lovely sky the other night.

Moe had a full calendar this weekend., which constituted the bulk of my driving this weekend. Friday evening he took his orange belt test in karate. On Saturday, he played airsoft war games most of the day with his buddies, then went to a pool party with his Scout patrol until that 10 night.

The guys planning the games - Moe is in the middle facing away. Can you smell the testosterone?
Moe has a good time with airsoft. The boys play war games in the woods at a friend's place, one with 11 acres for the boys to have fun on. Of course, there are lots of other things on those acres, like fleas and chiggers. Moe came back with his ankles circled with bug bites - he neglected to use his DEET. That's a mistake he won't make again. It was a full day, and he was really tired by bedtime.

I also trucked Curly around to his jobs. He's working 2 PT jobs these days, looks like he'll get about 30 hours for each. Works for me - he needs to keep busy and out of trouble. And he really needs the money.

In cat news (I mean, what else is more important?), Vader has been spending a lot of time trying to dominate the other cats at our home. He is relentless with Sophie especially, but he goes after Cisco too. Thursday night I came home from work and noticed Vader didn't look like himself. He wasn't so aggressive either.

I took a look at him and found that one of the other cats had finally gotten back at Vader. Vader has a pretty good cut just below his left ear. But who did it?

Sophie seems really innocent with her sweet little face. But she hates Vader with a white hot hate, since he's so mean to her. She says bad things to him all the time. I think she's cursing at him: "Your mother is a dog's whore! Your father sleeping in the litter box!" DH thinks it's more like, "If I had a knife I'd cut you!"

Cisco isn't admitting to anything, saying blithely "Who, me?" (Though I think he's the culprit here. And I don't blame him. Vader chases him all over the house.)

One thing is sure - revenge has been sweet for these cats.  A few days of peace for them has been great.

I even woke up from my Sunday nap to find Sophie and Vader napping together in the bed with me. (Vader is yawning. See how big he is?)

But then I caught Vader back to his old tricks, jumping on Sophie and chasing Cisco. Guess he's feeling better, huh?

I should have some tatting to show you next time...


  1. ...sleeping in the litter box... had Gian's ears burning, and me doubled over! You are funny!

    Hope the ear is all cleared up!
    Fox : ))

  2. Yep, the translations gave me a good chuckle too! *sigh* Boys, thought....they never learn, do they?

    Hope the retribution doesn't escalate too high!