Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tatting and confessions

Ok, true confessions here. I am the least likely person in the world to abuse drugs. I hate any kind of narcotic or anything that dopes me up. I begged for ibuprofen when I had a craniotomy in 2005, while the doctors insisted on giving me Percocet. I don't drink. I'm boring.

But today - now we come to the true confessions part.

Moe, my youngest kid, has ADHD. (All the Stooges have ADD in some form.) I keep his ADHD medicine, Vyvanse, in my purse, since we've had issues with it disappearing from the medicine cabinet. (Don't ask.)

So today, I got out his dose. Had it in my hand, ready to give him. Got distracted talking to Moe - where are your socks? hurry the bus will be here soon, you need to EAT! Have you done your homework? what about your nasty ROOM?

And before I knew it, I absent-mindedly popped the capsule in my mouth and took it. Yes, I swallowed it. By the time I realized what had happened, the medicine was already in my stomach.

Now, I take medicines every morning, so stuffing pills in my mouth and glugging down water is part of my normal morning routine. But....

Not a 50 mg Vyvanse. Oops.

I told Moe, and he fell over laughing. I dosed out another Vyvanse for him, which HE took. Thank heavens.

If you don't know, ADHD medicine is more like taking speed or amphetamines for those who aren't ADHD. So needless to say, I am buzzing big time. I've been having trouble typing correctly all day.

DH laughed and called me a drug abuser.

At least I haven't been sleepy at work. And I've been super productive, when I can slow down enough to make my fiag - oops! - fingers work the keyboard.

Whee! Zoom!

In other, non-drug related news...

I'm working on a necklace for a pendant. The necklace is super simple, one that lies flat on your neck. It can be also used as a bracelet. I call it my Count To Four pattern. Let me know if you want it - I'll post it.

BTW - Register for Tat Days! Online registration is open until September 9, 2011! I'm teaching!

Vader is recovering, you'll be happy to know. And tomorrow I go to the oral surgeon for a consult on getting dental implants (yes, more than one). Tomorrow should only be painful in my wallet.

Go register for Tat Days! You'll be glad you did! GO!


  1. So...all day you've been a human hummingbird, hmm? 's OK, hummingbirds are pretty and fun to watch.

    Sure beats being a human slug, right?? ;-)

    Can't wait to see your finished necklace! Are you going to do the matching bracelet? Earrings?

  2. Any chance today's Vyvanse may affect tomorrow consult?

    My overactive imagination is conjuring up images from Woody Allen's 1973 comedy "Sleeper."

    But the hummingbird analogy, now that's a keeper image!

    Hope you don't crash after all that hyped-up energy!

  3. ..whoops! ...been a busy bee huh?

  4. Hope you can sleep!
    The necklace is very pretty.

  5. I can so picture that happening! I hope you can sleep tonight! Love the necklace/bracelet, and I think I even get it... count to four. I think I can do that!

    Wish I could go to tat days... just not possible at the beginning of the school year. Have fun, and please post lots of pictures!