Monday, September 26, 2011

A brief update from Tat Days

I'm back from my weekend in Toccoa, teaching at Palmetto Tat Days. And I'm worn out! Of course I'm at work, so I don't have much to show you. But here's a little bit of info on the weekend.

There were 86 folks attending the conference. A few were spouses, who were all good sports for coming along and dealing with our tatting obsession. But most attendees were tatters from all over.

I drove Nina Libin and Isdihara to and from the Hotlanta Airport to Tat Days. It was great to spend some time with them, especially Nina. It's a bit over 2 hours drive, so we had some nice conversation. Nina is such a love. And Isdihara is a hoot and a half! She was my roommate - more on that later.

My classes went very, very well. I was really and truly delighted with how well they went. I was a first time teacher at Tat Days this year, so I was a bit intimidated when I had folks like Anitra Stone in my class. Anitra has taught at Tat Days before, and is a fine tatter and designer in her own right. Anitra, Arlene, Mary, and Ellen were all in my Heart's Afire Cross class.

Part of this class teaches a dimpled heart tatted a new way. It involves tatting some things in a reverse order, and is NOT intuitive. Anitra expressed some frustration, and said that perhaps her brain had disappeared. She was not thinking well, as you can see. Her brain was gone. What to do?

Poor Anitra - so confused she doesn't know which end is up!

So I emailed Jane Eborall and asked her:
"Anitra says you must have her brain stored with your brain cell 3. She knows that brain cell 3 was lonely, but she'd like it back, please."

Jane's brain cell 3. Was Anitra's brain visiting it?

To which Jane replied:
"Tell her I ain't got it!!!!  Twit tooo hoooo (that's supposed to be an owl call!!).  In fact I haven't got all three of mine at the moment either!!!"

Eventually Anitra's brain returned, and she was able to make the heart. In fact at least half my students completed this cross during class. Mary was so taken with my pattern that she made a set of earrings using this technique by that evening.

Aren't they great? Wow!

More later...


  1. I'm still home - until tomorrow. I've strung some beads and am tatting (all alone...sniff, sniff).

    I miss everybody!! I'm having Tat Days Withdrawal Symptoms!

  2. Isdihara is not the only one who is a hoot & 1/2! You may be crazy, but it is the good, fun crazy that kept us all laughing. I loved meeting you!

  3. Ooohhh....I really like those earrings!

  4. What a grand time!! fun was had by all. Until next year...back in my comfy chair tatting in seclusion...

  5. Your first year as a teacher will (crossing.fingers) will be one of many more!

    Those earrings really are superb!

    Anitra is so endearing, I loved this laugh!