Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not in focus

I spent yesterday morning at the ophthalmologist getting tests run and things set up for my cataract surgeries. I'm scheduled for 11/2 (left) and 11/9 (right). The nice young doctor I saw was good and knew how to say the right things. "Now if you were my sister, I would recommend...." (I did the math - I graduated from college 21 years before him. I could be his mother. ) Anyhow, I'm probably getting a toric lens in my left eye, as it has a pretty significant astigmatism. That way I'll only need reading glasses. As I've been blind since forever (and am legally blind sans eyewear now), this will be a major improvement. Of course, the toric lens is an upgrade & is not covered by my insurance to the tune of $850. Donations are now being accepted.

During the exam I was asked to read the eye chart. Using my left eye, I couldn't read the top line with my glasses on. Pitiful, isn't it?

FYI - the first surgery is 10 days after I have to fork out $4800 for 2 dental implants. But it's either do both items, or be on the corner blind & gumming my food down, rattling coins in a cup.

I'm looking forward to having it OVER and being able to see well. My vision sucks big ones right now - I was a menace on the road driving in yesterday after I'd been dilated. Took me back to when I was in high school & my eyes sorta rejected my contacts & I'd lost my glasses. I walked or rode my bicycle to school, a menace on the road then. Ah, memories.

Shaking my cup while I still have coins to shake..... Toodles


  1. Ooooh, that's a smart cup!!! Shake, rattle and roll. The VERY best of everything for the surgery - I believe it's really good nowadays and hugely successful. How long after before you can tat again? Notice I didn't ask how long you had to have off work!!!

  2. I should be back to tatting very quickly, a few days. And the net results will be only needing the cheap reading glasses afterwards. My current (and thick) bifocals cost about $400 when I get frames and lenses. I may save money long term!

  3. Sis.. YOU be very careful when you head to Toccoa in few days! I will be sooooooooooo happy to see you!

  4. From all I've heard about the surgery, it's relatively painless and takes less than an hour. Recovery time isn't long and drawn-out, either - so other than the intense pain in your purse, you should be resting comfortably and seeing great pretty soon afterwards!

    It's a shame that both dental and vision had to be addressed at practically the same time. Hang in there!!! See you Thursday in Toccoa!!!

  5. I can hardly read about this.... teeth and eyes.... ohhhhhh I am too squeamish. Let me know when it's all over!

    Fearful Fox ; 0

  6. Your tin cup should be named Senora! (...shake, shake, shake, Senora...)

    Once you are seeing and chewing with renewed vigor, what will you do first?

    Sorry about the huge dent in your pocketbook, tho', OUCH!

  7. I hear you about being legally blind without corrective lenses. Anything farther than 4" away is a huge blur.

    I'll be really interested to read about your surgery and your excellent eyesight afterwards. Good luck with your dental and eye stuff!

  8. Right now, my teeth hurt and my eyes are burning in sympathy! That sounds like an awful lot to go through in a very short amount of time. I hope all goes smoothly for you!