Sunday, September 18, 2011

Countdown to Tat Days

Tat Days starts on Friday, and I can't wait. For me, it's a kind of vacation, one where I can get away from work and family, hang out with girl friends and be silly, plus the bonus of being about a hobby I really enjoy. I really need this break!

In the mean time, I finished my Count To Four Necklace. It needs a clasp, but that's nothing. I'll wear it at Tat Days.

I'm not sure if the cats will miss me when I'm gone. I think so. When I woke up from a nap last Sunday, they were all lying in the bed with me. Aww, they love me.

Sometimes I wonder if Vader loves me. I was reaching to pet him, and he attacked. Other times he begs for petting, but not that moment. He looks WILD.

Cisco is so laid back that he appears not to care if I'm gone. But he rolls on his back when I come by begging for a pet, and he grabs at me when I stop, as if to say, "Hey - why'd you stop? A little more behind the ears. Who's important here?" I think he'll notice my absence.

Anyhow, I'm busying myself with making up kits folks have ordered for my classes, sending out Tat Days emails, and going to various doctor's appointments. Thursday I went to my internist and felt like a pincushion afterwards (I have awful veins), but at least I got a flu shot out of it. Friday I got a dental CT scan. (Did you know they can do those things? I didn't either.) This was in preparation for dental implants. Tomorrow I go see an ophthalmologist about scheduling my cataract surgery. I'm in a class this week at work, so I'll be buried every minute until Thursday, when I leave for north Georgia, and Tat Days.

I'm planning on blogging some while I'm there. The internet connection is a bit iffy, but it can be done.

Hope your week is good.....


  1. We're going to be roommates! Wheeee!

    At least with your flu shot your immune system will be revved up and ready for any stray microbes that may be loose during Tat Days.

    ** Dum dum DUMMM!

    You never know what may be lurking.