Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prepping for Tat Days

I'm getting ready for Tat Days, which starts on September 23. The four classes I'm teaching have a nice number of students, but they aren't full. That suits me just fine, as too many students would be overwhelming. I've got some kits to prep - those are easy peazie to do. The only problem with teaching is that it's hard to work a class in for me to take. I'll live though!

Isdihara is to be my roommate for Tat Days. She and I bonded last year, and we should spend most of our free time giggling and being BAD. We are really silly together, so this should be a really good time. I hope we can get some sleep!

I'm continuing to work on the Count To Four necklace, and plan to have it finished to wear at the Tat Days banquet. It's looking nice, don't you think?

Saturday I had a weird little pre-birthday "present" when I got my eyes examined. I knew my eyes were going downhill, so I got a full workup dilation and everything. (I've been legally blind without glasses since I was in grade school.) Lo and behold, I found out that I need cataract surgery in both eyes, and quick. This kind of hit me hard, because when I think of cataract surgery, I think of old folks - and I don't think of myself as old. I'm 54, that's not old is it?


Anyhow, I'm scheduling the surgery as soon as possible, going for my left eye first. I'm seeing double out of that one eye (really) and it's basically useless. The bonus of cataracts surgery is I should be able to get my lifetime dreadful vision corrected so that I'll only need reading glasses. And I can get cute cheap reading glasses, stash them everywhere! So much better than the one super-expensive pair of bifocals I've been wearing.

Other than that unwanted surprise, my birthday was relatively uneventful. DH got me a nice flat screen TV for my office, which I love. Mom sent me some cool earrings. I talked to a bunch of friends and took a nice nap, then went out to eat. I've had much worse birthdays!

If you're still interested in coming to Tat Days, you can register on site, so come. You know you want to...


  1. Well, Belated Happy Birthday!

    Actually, my sister just had the same surgery, 2 weeks apart to get both eyes, and she is only a few years older than you = it seemed way too young to me too....but it seems to be more common these days. At the time we talked about it, my cousin, who is even younger who was there, said she needs it too. My aunt, also there, but in her early 70's has either just had it or will soon. My sister was disappointed that her vision had not improved but I know it often takes several months before the eyes completely adjust so she may just need time. The last surgery was just last week.

    I do like your necklace. Have fun at the Tat Day! I have to admit that the one big thing I don't like about teaching is you are so limited in finding a class to take. I want to have time to enjoy it myself.

  2. Did you know that you can tat 16 SCMR (small) butterflies while waiting for somebody to have the cataract operation? Well whoever takes you for it they need to learn to tat first and that's what they can achieve. I took another friend recently and it was waaay less than 16 and her eye is so much better. Good luck and yes, you are far too young.

  3. Good luck with your eye surgery! My mom had it done a few years ago, and she was thrilled with how much better her vision was afterwards. She is a wee bit older than you (79). How exciting that you'll be able to have some of those fun glasses! I've been wearing glasses since I was 3, and I'm afraid there's no hope that I'll ever be able to wear those fun little readers... just as well... I really don't need another collection!

    I will attend Palmetto Tat Days one day. I'm thinking of retiring in 5 years, and then there will be no stopping me... unless my pension runs out! ; )

  4. ...Okay Sandra...YOU and Is'Dihara cannot hog each other to yourselves! You both will have to share, others like me will wanna play to... including giggling, smirking, etc!
    (squeals) Can't wait to see y'all again!

  5. That's a mixed bag, that eye situation. Bummer to find out you need surgery, but if it fixes many things, you will be happier. And there are SO MANY cute styles of reading glasses!
    A flat screen for your office--that's a NICE gift! Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh sweet mercy, I have a feeling that I will leave Tat Days in complete (but happy) exhaustion, having CrazyMom as my roommate, LOL!

    I am really looking forward to seeing y'all again -- CrazyMom, Karrieann, Erin, Georgia, Hegla, Martha, Sharren, Arlene, Bernie, and the list goes on and on!

    Tat Days is more than just a hobby conference (as if that wasn't enough) Tat Days is like a family reunion. The time spent always passes too fast.

    I can only presume that Fringe Tatting Weekend and Finger Lakes (formerly Hector) and Shuttlebirds are the same way, but I won't know for sure until I see for myself - one of these years.

    CrazyMom, your class project are DA BOMB! Loads of great jewelry, an awesome bookmark and let's no forget the snowman!

  7. Cataract surgery is sooo easy. I had my second one done last December, and they didn't even start an IV. Now I don't need any corrective lenses!!

    Can't wait to see ya at Tat Days.