Friday, October 28, 2011

More Doin's at Chez Crazy

Fall is in full swing here.Thank heavens - all of us in Hotlanta are SO sick of summer.

The colors aren't great this year, since we've been in a drought. Pretty leaves require rain. Still, this is nice.

And this - a neighbor's red maple.

Here's the little sugar maple in our front yard.

And the foliage in front of the headquarters of my company.

I love fall. I love sleeping in a cold room, snuggling under the covers. I love the crisp mornings and the smell of fireplaces and burning leaves. I love the incredible blue the sky gets on clear October afternoons. I love taking out a new season's clothing out and putting it on. Fall colors suit me especially well too.

I'm sorry I haven't posted much. We've had an incredible amount of things going on here. For once, it wasn't all about Curly (though he's done his share of piling shit on). Things have been... things have been bad, there's no getting around it. And they may be bad for the foreseeable future. I can't go into much other than 1) We all have our jobs, 2) we have our physical health, and 3) we are together as a family. But DH has been in the hospital all week and there is much much stress over some private issues. No, there is no possibility of divorce - that's not it at all. But we've just had something happened that is causing us to plunder out retirement savings, and who knows what this will do to us as us as a family in the future.

But that's for down the road. I may not post much in the upcoming weeks and months. I'm keeping everyone at Chez Crazy together pretty well in this stressful time. Many people have told me I'm handling this situation almost too well. But I'm really good in a pinch - I'm practical and I don't panic. I work on what I can control for today. Plus, God has blessed me with many friends and family who care about us deeply, and I feel very lucky.

'Cause sometimes bad things happen to good people. So just keep us in our prayers, an unspoken request.

A picture for your amusement - a common garden spider in a web in our front shrubbery, photographed at dawn. If you click on the picture, you'll see the web. I think it's lovely.


  1. I will add you and yours to my prayers :-)

  2. When things are bad it could be good to know that there are old gits like me thinking about you.

  3. You will get through it, you have each other and the thoughts of us in tatland

  4. Hang in there and remember to breathe.

    Sending lots and lots of positive, healing energy your way, topped off with huge hugs and maybe a bit of levity. Now where did I leave that lampshade? (Just kidding.)

  5. I'm so sorry you are having a rough time right now. Prayers and positive thoughts for you.

  6. Your poor family, so sorry to hear things are not going well and hope hubby is feeling better now. The pictures are incredible, so beautiful thank you.

  7. Think Happy Thoughts!
    Take time to be good to yourself. Saving accounts aren't paying diddly for interest, so invest in yourself (your health).

  8. Sounds like YOU are hanging by a thread. Praying for you and DH. XXOO, GG

  9. For the record, I think the web IS lovely, it's the hairy spider legs that give me the willies.