Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's shakin' at Chez Crazy

It's turned into Fall here. Thank heavens! That was a durn long hot and dreadful summer. Fall is my favorite time of year.

The trees are turning a bit. Most are still green, with some going straight to brown due to our drought, but this one is pretty. I took this picture on Sunday, when the sky was soooo blue. It's cold and windy today.

Just the kind of day to do some lying around, like Cisco is here. His fur is even softer than it looks. And he is the cleanest cat I've ever known - all that fur is white and shiny and perfectly groomed.

I want to relax like Cisco does.

Larry has been doing his first paramedic hand-on training on an ambulance. He did ride-alongs when he was training to be an EMT, but a paramedic is a much higher level of certification.

This is the first group of texts I got from him while he was on the ambulance. I was worried about Larry dealing with the baby, as Larry has a pretty tender heart. He would do a good job, but if things went south, Larry would take it hard. Fortunately, the baby will be fine.

Then I asked him what other patients he had.

Heh. I hate autocorrect too, but it does help sometimes. Larry did well this time - they got the pregnant lady to the hospital and all is good. His next training session is Sunday.

Now that the days are getting shorter, I'm driving more with my headlights on. And I notice all the halos I'm seeing around lights due to my cataracts. Pretty rainbow halos. Violet to indigo to cyan to chartreuse to gold to orange to crimson..

Much like this. Pretty. *SIGH*  Less than two weeks until I get my first cataract done. Can't come soon enough.

I'm tatting a bit, but I'm very distracted of late. This Mary Konior's Large Cross. I've made this pattern a zillion times, but this time I keep making mistakes and having to retro tat. I'll bet I've picked out 10 rings and 10 chains in this cross alone. I'm stressing We're having to spend a lot of money right now and we really don't have it. Dental implants, eye stuff, the dryer breaking, my retirement funds going to hell,  and everything is costing way more than we thought. Plus, while Curly likes his job, he's not getting many hours, therefore not much money. I can't really help him and I'm worried for him. Grrr.

I've recently gotten addicted to this. It's BAD. But it helps me during sad times.

Why can't I be more like Cisco? "What - me worry?"

Are the rest of you stressing these days? What do you do for stress relief?


  1. Stress relief for me is start a new tatting pattern that looks hard or i've wanted to do for a long while, put a soppy film on tv,sit on floor in front of fire and egnore everything else.

  2. when all 7 kids were still in the house, I took a bath with a book and candles.
    now, just my kindle and a nice warm blanket and ignore everything else for a bit.

  3. I run. Helps a lot with stress and depression as well. Too bad the knees are shot! But the pain in those joints beats the blue meanies any day!
    Fox : )

  4. I "escape" either into a hot bath with a beloved book, into a tatting project or a marathon sewing session. Not all that original, but it works for me.

    Hang in there! You'll make it through.

  5. Cisco,
    Find a mud puddle... Surprise her...
    Your friend,

    p.s. tell Her that you live with to smarten up. It is not nice to delete MY comments. I might have to send her an old mouse liver.

  6. I see you already probably reaize, but my animals help me more than anything in this world. I have horses, but it doesn't matter... I'm a firm believer animals help. So snuggle up with your cats & have some "me time".... You deserve it, no matter what else is going on!

  7. I read, lose my mind in books when I'm stressed.
    It's fun reading about your son's job! He must see it all...

  8. You have a lot on your plate, so you have every right to feel stressed.

    I depend on the internet/blogs to help with stress relief, but as we all know, the computer itself can be a source of great stress! Before getting the computer, I played my piano a lot, but then I got hooked on the computer and internet, and I'm starting to forget all the songs I had memorized.

    I also agree with Fox that running (or in my case walking) is great. I also used my exercise machine - until it broke! Browsing in stores sometimes helps - but I can get in trouble by buying something I don't need! And seeing Christmas stuff in October just adds to my stress!

    On another note, Cisco is SO handsome! What a life (except for Vader)! Better intercept all messages from Gian!!!