Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something for the cats

When I got back from Tat Days, I found that the postman had brought me a little present. That's not quite right - it was a present for the cats.

It was from Fox's cat, Gian!

He sent a little present addressed to Sophie, Cisco, and The Big Bad Vader, in care of me. Please note the lion sticker on the envelope.

The card reads:
Hey You Guys!
Make your S**** (me) dangle this for you!
It's fun!
♥ Gian

And inside was a lovely length of cording, meant for me to dangle in front of some little catties. Let me demonstrate with Cisco.

See how excited he is biting the string cord? All the cats are pleased with their gift, and they beg me to dangle it.

Thank you Gian! Sophie sends all her love, purring "Mon cher Gian" from her place in DH's open sock drawer.

In other news, I promised to show you the tiny red hat again. But first - I needed a hat model.

My model was not very cooperative.

But I eventually got a marginally acceptable picture. Vader wasn't bored, just pissed.

Off to make bookmarks...


  1. Jeez, Vader, How can you let HER do that to you? Tack a few of those pointy shuttles to her chair in the morning - before she's had her coffee. Make sure they are point-up. If that doesn't work, throw up on her new thread.

  2. You weren't kidding - Vader looks royally pissed! Tell him he's still handsome, love the soul patch, and be thankful the hat wasn't lavender (or pink)

  3. Vader does not look happy. He wants to model the silver necklace. Or maybe a crown??

  4. Oh! Vader is seriously giving you the "I iz not amuzed by ur shenanigans" face.

    Fortunately the cat toys will keep his mind off modeling.


  5. Love the hat! It's cute as can be, and in my favorite color (red). Guess the kitties don't share that opinion! Thanks for brightening my day!