Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Presents and a change of seasons

At my meeting of local knitters, crocheters, and tatters last week, my lovely friend Thelma brought me a little something. Thelma is one of those people who knows how to do every single knitting and crochet stitch, and will gladly teach you how to do them. She always comes to our meetings ready with a sock project (her socks are gorgeous!) or some really complex Christmas stocking she's making for a grandchild.  She can tat a bit too, but she claims I'm a much better tatter. (I'm honored.)

Thelma brought me a whole box full of Irish linen thread, plus 3 balls of Star tatting thread. The ten wooden spools of Barbour's Linen Thread were in their original box. Thelma's aunt had purchased this linen thread many years ago with the intention of learning how to embroider a cutwork tablecloth and napkins. Unfortunately, it wasn't as fun as the aunt imagined, so the thread ended up in Thelma's hands, and now in mine.This thread is marked as No. 35 - anyone know what size that would be?

Thelma tells me linen doesn't decay like cotton does, so working with 50+ year old linen thread shouldn't be an issue. I'll have to try it out. It was SO generous of Thelma - she is such a gem!

I got home today and found a little surcie from Isdihara had arrived. It was a lovely heart pattern designed by Myrtle Hamilton. Isdihara did a wonderful post recently about Miss Myrtle - go look at it. The heart is shown in blue on her post - I look forward to tatting this.

It's cooler, and the leaves are beginning to turn here. I drive by this every day. I love fall.

The neighbors are enhancing the fall color.

And they're starting to put out Halloween decorations. Some folks in our neighborhood go all out.

Things are going pretty well at our house. I can't wait to get started with my dental and eye work, even though the pre-op appointments are taking a lot of time out of work. My eyes are going downhill fast. I never thought I'd look forward to having eye surgery. But I can't see the smaller writing on TV, or read any presentations on big screens. It'll all be better soon!

The Stooges are well. Larry is about to start ambulance ride-alongs as part of his clinical paramedic training. He's very excited about this - he'll get hands-on training. Moe spent all last weekend at a big Boy Scout camping event, a campout for the whole district. He had a blast! And Curly is working. (Thank you, Jesus.) He's working in the home improvement section of the local Sears, seems to like it. And he's feeling pretty good - he says he's taking his medicine and it's really helping. I've told him how proud I am of him for making this progress.

Vader playing with Gian's gift

Vader is not working. He does nothing to earn his keep. He's kind of worthless, really. But he's so cute...


  1. What a treasure you received from your friend!!!! Your neighborhood is very pretty. I love fall decorations. I haven't gotten anything done this fall except hang my fall wreath on the front of the house.
    Glad to hear your boys are doing well.
    What kind of surgery are you having on your eyes? I'm behind on blog reading!

  2. Hiya, Vader,
    Never, never get a job. If they lean on you, fake disability - limp. Works every time.
    Your pal,

  3. Oh, but he IS working - he cheers me up every time, and have you seen any elephants in your street lately? - see how hard he works to keep them away?
    My cat also used to defend the entire street from marauding elephants, she was always hard at it in the patch of sun by the letterbox, where she had the best view.

  4. I'm glad to hear things are going well. I also work in Home Improvement in my local Sears store and I love it! I hope Curly finds the right coworkers to keep it interesting and fun. If he's on commission, he's gonna love December paydays. ^_^

  5. Ooooh, more thread for the stash! I once spun and wove linen - lovely thread but horrid to spin as it has to be kept wet! Good luck with it - I'll work up a treat.

  6. Linen is indeed a treasure of a gift. Lucky you!

    What is a surcie?

    Oh, and Vader is diligently practicing his pouncing and stealth tactics daily so he will be ready when imminent danger strikes. Haven't you heard? Marauding elephants send scout mice ahead of their attacks...seen any mice lately?

  7. I'm so glad to read happy news for all your men! Glad esp. about Curly!
    I hope your surgery prep goes smooth.
    Spooky yards over in your 'hood. We only go for pumpkins at our house:)