Saturday, November 5, 2011

One down

My first cataract surgery went really well, piece of cake. (I just misspelled that as "sugary" - it wasn't quite that tasty.) My problem right now is the big vision difference between my eyes, and the fact I'm carrying around 2 pairs of glasses. One for the left eye, one for the right. Pick your poison.

The left eye sees distances really well, and the colors are nice and bright. I'm seeing distance at about 20/25 at the moment, which compared to my pre-cataract vision of 20/650, is pretty great. What's not so great is near vision. So blurry! I've found a cheap pair of reading glasses to get me through on that eye, at least for now. (Hurray for dollar stores!)

My right eye has been my dominate eye for a long time. Before I developed cataracts, its vision was 20/450. (That's without glasses. I've worn glasses since I was 8.) But that vision has gone downhill - I can take off glasses and see near things fine with that eye, but my vision is yellowed and now very blurry with my old glasses. (The reading glasses are useless for this eye at the moment.)

So... I have two eyes that don't work together. Sometimes I feel a bit drunk. And I'm driving with one eye closed, a lot. Heh.

But all should get better next Wednesday morning, when I get cataract surgery on the right eye. At least my vision will be roughly the same in both eyes at that point.

So far I haven't tried to tat anything, and I think I'm going to have to invest in one of those magnifying devices for the little stuff. But that will sort itself out. I can go to meeting and read presentations without glasses, so it's a huge improvement.

And now that I don't wear glasses for a lot of things, people know what color my eyes are (brown). And they can see I have big dark circles under those eyes.

In other news, we are still struggling at home with many issues. DH has been very ill and just started 4-6 weeks of out-patient therapy. We only have one car (he has a work vehicle, which he can't drive if he's not working), so we are sharing to get to work and therapy. (He's not drugged up, thank heavens.) Lots of juggling, lots of appointments, lots of money going out. This weekend we are concentrating on resting. DH and I are pretty exhausted, and the Stooges are all stressed too. But we are working together very hard and hope things will be better soon.

I leave you with a Vader pic. Larry likes funky toys and he pulled out a Transformer. Which he put on Vader.

Vader tolerated this for about 20 seconds, as you might imagine. (Gian - Sophie is in the upper left corner.) Then he was off.

Hope things are good at your place.


  1. Good luck on the next surgery! Hang in there!

  2. Looks like its time for payback, my friend...

    Think of something really good, especially as SHE has blurry vision. Get her before she is fixed for good next week - then you'll have to be very, very careful. Think EAGLE. Yah, I mean it.

    And the BOY? Look after that quickly, man - what he did to you is just wrong. You know what to do...Heheheh
    Hang in there, partner,

  3. Oh, yah, one last thing, Vader,
    The MAN is sick. Show that you are not just a petty face and bring him a mouse or something. Maybe a live one. That should cheer him up and make you look really good.

  4. Continueing to pray for glad your first surgery went well and that you are getting a chance to rest this weekend :-) Hopefully you'll be back to tatting soon!!!

    Love your kitties...I enjoy everyone in Tat Land's cats as I can't have one since my little one and my husband are both allergic. Always had a cat growing up and miss them. But I can enjoy your's vicariously :-)

  5. Such good news that the first cataract surgery went well, will be thinking of you on Wednesday. A bit scary to hear that you are sort of driving with one eye shut at the moment though!! Hope you and hubby do manage to have a restful weekend.

  6. Take care and rest and TRY to drive as safely as possible (with one eye...OY!)

    Rest and recharge, so that when the goodie box arrives you will be ready to dive in with healthy eyes and eager fingers.