Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Done with that

I got my second cataract surgery completed this morning. I'm glad that's over. No more driving with one eye closed!

In the space of about 2 weeks, I've had a major dental procedure (two dental implants) and two eye surgeries. Thankfully, all my procedures went remarkably well with no complications. Which is good, as dealing with this along with DH's illness has been pretty stressful. But how many folks do you know whose eyesight was changed overnight AND can show you the bright green screws imbedded in their mouths? Huh? Huh?!!

And for my next trick, I will turn into the bionic woman and shoot laser beams from my eyes.

What I will NOT do is drink this nasty chocolate wine (Now In Raspberry!) that Larry found. Isn't this disgusting? I made the smart choice and left it in the store.

I have been tatting, a little bit. It's hard when your eyes don't work together. I finished this cross, a Mary Konior one done in Lizbeth's Spring Garden.

And I made this little item, Mary's Butterfly, using HDT I got at Tat Days, thread by Shuttle Lab Trends. I put the butterfly on a pin - it's for a woman who was recently widowed. She loved butterflies and always wears a butterfly pin.

Since I've been spending some time at home, the kitties have been enjoying spending quality time with me. I'll look up from my computer (or a nap) and find them all around me. I love my kitties. They make me happy.

I was amused by this - the size of Cisco's paws compared to my large hands. He's a BIG kittie!

Now we must work on recovering, DH and I. I'm trying to rest and recuperate. And durn it, Thanksgiving is two weeks from tomorrow! The horror, the horror....


  1. good healing thoughts are coming your way. and prayers too. no, I don't think that chocolate wine would be any good. even if there was raspberry added. pretty tatting. and you did well for having difficulty seeing.

  2. EWWww on the wine!! And Yay on your recovery! Keep going.

  3. Glad to hear you are recovery well from your surgeries!!! Hope things continue to go well!!

  4. Have a friend that says that wine is actually good, haven't tried it myself to verify that though! Glad you are at the recovery stage...still praying for you and yours. I love tatting that paticular cross...there is always one in my purse to be worked on at the odd moment. your's is very pretty, love that thread!

  5. Yay for the successful second surgery!
    My girlfriend got a bottle of the wine and brought it to a girls' weekend. We sipped it and collectively deemed it UNDRINKABLE. Chuck it in the trash, stat!

  6. I suppose having wine and chocolate at the same time would cure my fix in one go, I enjoy drinking wine and eating chocolate - but somehow don't think so!!
    So pleased all your treatments went well, at last you can relax a little.

  7. Glad to hear you are done with medical procedures and on the mend. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery -- and lots of tatting.

  8. LOL. As a mom, you learned to shoot lasers from your eyes years ago! I know I did. Not sure how, but I developed a look that would stop the F1 in his tracks.

    Glad the worst of all the cruddy medical stuff is behind you. Now, rest, recuperate and tat! The first and last sound like a lovely vacation. I hope the recuperation is speedy and without incident.

  9. YAY for uneventful medical procedures and a good start on your recovery!

    Yuck for crappy choco-wine. (No offense intended toward folks who find it drinkable.)

    Looking forward to the Bionic Woman laser beam demonstration. I'm sure you will do Lindsay Wagner proud!

    Your cross and butterfly are beautiful.

    Will Vader help out with your Bionic feats?

  10. Yay I found you again (I had a computer crash and it's taking me a while to recreate my bloglist.

    I hope you and DH are better this week.