Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seasons changing and more

First off - I have been tatting, in spite of my new eyes!

A lovely little bit, using Lizbeth's new Pink Cocoa in size 40.

And this - also Lizbeth,in the new Leaf Green Dk, size 20. I'm working on some Christmas presents, and this was a failure. Too many beads.

This is better. I'm working on Mary's Christmas Tree avec beads, and this should be festive.

I didn't have this green Lizbeth thread until yesterday, and I'm glad to have this. I didn't go to the store, and I didn't order any from an online supplier. So - how did I get thread?

This is how: I came home yesterday to find a gift had arrived for me. My good friend Isdihara had won some thread from Handy Hands for naming thread and suggesting color ways - and she shared. She shared BIG.

I had a box filled with five Lizbeth boxes. Wowzers!

Each box had five balls of thread. Yup, I got 25 balls of thread, all for ME!!!! How lucky am I? Isdihara, you are the best, most generous tatting friend I could have!

Now, what should I make?

DH said to me as he looked at my present, "You'll never be able to use all this thread." To which I replied, "She who dies with the most thread wins." So there.

On to things outside tatting - I have found great, cute reading glasses at the local dollar stores, and have them stashed all over. I'm enjoying being able to drive sans spectacles, something I've never done (except briefly with contacts)(which doesn't count). And I can read the clock across the room in the middle of the night! Woo-hoo!

DH is continuing to improve, and his doctor told him today that he is a model patient, as he's done everything that is asked of him and more. DH is determined to get better. He seems much improved to me.

Fall has been here for a while. The colors aren't so great this year as it's been very dry, and now many leaves are gone, as they are off my little sugar maple in my front yard.

But some trees are still pretty, like these.

And these. Fall continues to be my favorite season.

Moe was not sure what a ginko tree looked like, as we don't have one in our yard. There's one at church. I love their leaves.

I used the Paper Camera app on my phone to take a different picture of the leaves on my dashboard. I think this is the Comic Boom setting. Nifty, huh?

And I took this shot of Moe, using the same app with the Sketch Up setting. Moe is more handsome than this picture shows.

Here's hoping that you see pretty things or have good surprises waiting for you at home...
in the car


  1. very nice pressy, have a great time tatting up all that thread. and be generous using your beads.

  2. This is quite a post! First, congratulations on the successful eye surgery. It must be a joy to have decent vision now! When my MIL had cataract surgery in the 1980s, she had to stay in bed for a week! Her 2nd in the 90s was easier but not like today!

    The thread is wonderful, and nicely packaged! I like the boxes!

    Thanks for the link to Mary's tree. I hadn't realized she posted it! Yours will be amazing with all the beads!

    We here in PA also had lackluster leaf colors. You did get some nice photos, though. You'll find it amusing that I thought those ginko leaves actually had the black outlines on them!!! Then I finally read your caption! LOL!

  3. Please post a photo of the Christmas tree when it's done. I think it will be pretty.

  4. Wow, Christmas came early to Hotlanta! What a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. Loved your response to hubby. Love that the operations are successful and that you have fun stuff to see!

  5. I think you should accept that challenge and use ALL OF THE THREAD.
    Glad to read all the good reports on all fronts of your life, honey.