Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things I've discovered recently

There is such a thing as too many beads in tatting. They made made it hard to close rings on an item.

This is Mary's Christ Mass tree, in the new Lizbeth Leaf Green Dk, size 20. I think this is going to end up as a pin.

Vader thinks he's scary when he has his mouth open. Aren't you afraid of his teeth? (DH was pulling on his tail hair a bit, teasing him.) C'mon, you know you're afraid.

Also - Vader now answers to "Bad Thing" and is proud of it. It makes him feel regal.

DH is somewhat better, and his therapy has been cut to half days. He has been so grateful for my help he bought me these roses, something he has only done spontaneously on one other time in our marriage, about 25 years ago. This was very sweet of him, and I'm so glad he's feeling better. (Sophie doesn't care about roses.)

And lastly but perhaps most disturbingly, I found out that Moe can pick locks. He tells me that all the Stooges can and have picked the lock on my desk at one time or another. I have misplaced the key to my desk, and Moe helpfully picked that lock for me, using a paper clip.

Lock picking is a skill that warms the cockles of a mother's heart - rather, it would if I was Ma Barker.

Um, thanks Moe.


  1. Vader,
    I think you;re really getting them them well-trained. "Bad Thing' isn't bad as names go. You must be doing a good job.

    That Kid is doing okay too. Lock-picking is a great skill to have - almost as good as pulling all the toilet paper off the roll. Have you tried that yet. Works great.

    Sophie is sure purrty, especially near the red roses. Wow. You lucky dog, you!

    The Man is better - you can bite him now if he does that to you again. Sink the teeth in and do not let go when he shakes the hand...

    You've got great teeth, man - use them!
    Your buddy,

  2. What a sparkley Christmas tree!

    'Bad Thing' does look mighty fierce baring his teeth, but I must confess, he reminds me of The Little Tramp (Charlie Chaplin). See the resemblence?

    Your roses are so beautiful! Do I spy tatting on the lampshade behind the roses?

  3. I love your tree. I think that was dificult to work with so many breads but will be a beautiful pin.

  4. great pin. the beads really look like Christmas lights on the tree.

    ahhh kids... you would be surprised what they do behind your back that you don't find out about until years later. my daughters have occasionally now started to laugh as stories they tell of things they did, and that is how I found out. I didn't think I was a clueless mother, but .....

  5. Well, picking a lock isn't a bad skill to have. I can break into houses, but I've only employed that skill for good, never evil.
    Glad to read good things about your main main.
    Bummer about the beads.