Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Frenzy

It's a bit wild here at Chez Crazy, but I'm sure that almost everyone who works and has kids is in the mode right now.

We did get the Christmas tree up. (Please notice the large Vader cat underneath.) Somehow my entire box of handmade Christmas angels has disappeared, hence the conspicuous bare upper branches. I especially miss my cornhusk angel, purchased at a farmer's market.

As you can tell, I haven't wrapped a damn thing.

Moe has put lights on the outside of the house. He keeps begging for more lights, including the icicle kind for the porch edge. He's a Griswold in the making.

Today I took Christmas pictures of the Stooges in front of the tree. I had to threaten various forms of torture before I could get them together at the same time in something other than a ratty t-shirt. They all claim that this is a huge imposition and why didn't I tell them about this? (We do this every year at this time.) Do we have to? Umm, yes. Because I'm the Mama and that's final. Suck it up, cupcakes.

I was able to get some good shots of the trio plus some individual pictures. I've gotten pretty good at this over the years.

Moe got Vader in on the action. Vader wasn't happy. (He's so funny. Vader seems fierce and tough, but when picked up, he goes LIMP. No claws.)

In other news...

My mother is now is Hotlanta for the winter, renting a condo on the other side of town. She arrived on Thursday, and I'm very glad to have here closer by. The mountain home is lovely but remote, and the generator doesn't work. She's been snowed in for as much as 3 weeks at a time. Mom not getting any younger, so I feel she's much safer here. (The condo is about a mile from my sister #2.)

Mom never really worked and never had to deal with rush hour in a big city, so she's sort of clueless of what my life is like. She called me and wanted to schedule dinner with us sometime this week. Normally this would be lovely, but it's the week before Christmas and I'm absolutely crazed at home and at work. I'm in IT, and the end of the year is dreadful at work. Plus I never know what time I can arrive in the traffic. Anyhow, I suggested meeting on Friday (the best I could do). Unfortunately, that was absolutely not what she had in mind. *sigh* We've agreed to try for lunch on Wednesday.

Now - off to wrap presents...


  1. I like Moe's style!
    Good luck with your mom--she'll figure it out eventually, about the crazy of working and commuting.
    Ugh. Boys and photos--what gives???

  2. Pretty tree!
    Tell your Mom you can come for dinner, if she wants to eat at 8:30pm!