Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Over The Top Christmas Spirit

First of all, the ladies in my Sunday School class are all delighted with their tatted Christmas tree ornaments. So I decided to tat something else seasonal.

This is a pattern that my friend Sharren has been tatting. I told her that even if it started with a Mary Konior pattern, since she altered it A LOT, it should be hers. Don't you think so? The thread is Lizbeth Christmas Green in size 20 and the beads are some size 8 ones I got in my Tat Days teacher's goodie bag. I've never used this size bead before, and I think it's pretty cute here.

I just can't get in the Christmas mood. But some of my neighbors have and have decorated to show their spirit. In fact they go overboard, kinda like Clark Griswold. The below house is at the front of my subdivision, which means I have to pass it coming and going. I need sunglasses at night.

See what I mean? And not all their lights are on in this picture. I took this from my car using my iPhone, so you don't get the full glory.

I'd hate to see their power bill. Or live across the street from them.

But wait! There's more!

These folks live down the street from me, but you can't miss the light display, timed to audible music. I shot this on my front porch. Unfortunately you can't hear the music on the video, which was some Paul McCarthy Christmas song. (There's lots of different Christmas music that they use.) Once again, I'm so glad they don't live across the street from me.

Cisco doesn't give a damn about Christmas. Or as we say here at Chez Crazy, Honey Badger don't care. Honey Badger don't give a shit.

Maybe I'll get in the mood tomorrow...


  1. We have over the top Christmas lights here too! In fact just seen my neighbour going up a ladder at the front of the house, bad news. I remember seeing Sharon's explanation of the wreath and as usual had to go back to it, yours looks great with the larger beads. I will make it one day and yes agree it should be her pattern.
    Hope you get into the Christmas mood soon.

  2. All this time I thought you lived near Atlanta not Las Vegas!!! : )

    The wreath is really lovely!

  3. Your tatted wreath is so pretty!! That sure is a lot of lights on that house,
    WOW! Wonder how long it took to put them all up? Happy Holidays!!

  4. So do they own stock in the metro Atlanta electric company, or what??

    Love the wreath with the big beads! Looks great!!!

  5. Cute wreath!
    The blinding houses are our favorites--not too many of them this year, but boy do we enjoy driving past.