Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas tatting

Just a bit of tatting - these aren't finished yet.

Well, one is almost done. I need to hide the ends on all of these and put the star on most of them. These are ornaments for the ladies in my Sunday School class. The pattern is here, tatted in Lizbeth Dk Leaf Green size 20.

I decided to tat Frivole's snowflake, but I've decided that size 10 Cebelia is not the way to go. Too floppy, and this will end up to be about 6" across. Size 20 Lizbeth is going to work better.

How are you coming with Christmas preparations? I'm in sad shape - even Vader has some things to say about it. Of course, he's not helping much. Lately he's been coming in during the night and wedging himself between me and DH. He puts his front paws on the bed and sits with his butt on my shoulder, twitching his tail repeatedly in my face. This results in not much sleep on my part. Bad thing.

See the gold chair in the corner behind Vader? That's where my Christmas tree should sit. The Stooges are asking when are we getting the damn Christmas tree. The truth of the matter is: I just can't get in the mood. No $$ and not much time. I think DH and I are going to a Christmas concert on Friday - maybe that will get me in the Christmas frame of mind.

That's Sam, the cat in my profile pic. She didn't do it.

I'm not sure if that will help. This happened before Christmas of 2001. The glories of Christmas past - the horror, the horror.

Hope your Christmas prep is better than mine...


  1. Yep, things are behind here, too. And what am I doing right now? Blogging...

  2. Your Christmas trees look wonderful!!! :) And that snowflake is looking very nice too! :)