Thursday, December 1, 2011


First things. Does anyone recognize this pattern?

I got this oval doily along with some shuttles (including a large pink pumpkin seed one) on Etsy.

This smaller one too. Evidently they were a set. (Interestingly, the thread was described as ecru. That's the greenest ecru I've ever seen.) Anyhow, the tatting is lovely. Someone did a fine job, and I'm happy to have this.

I'm still making Christmas trees, over and over again. I won't bore you with them. I'll show you a grouping when I have enough for my Sunday School class.

A side note: for all you bloggers, please check the Spam contents of your Comments folder on Blogger. For some reason, my comments have been going to Spam. Help me by marking them Not Spam! I promise, I'm not writing vile comments!

Sophie is showing off a thrift store find of mine - I found the lamp, complete with shade and working light bulb, at the local Value Village for a whopping $10.10. Not bad, huh? I didn't have to re-wire it or anything!

The employees club at my company has a Christmas party every year. (I don't belong to this group, and don't go to the party.) Evidently folks don't know how to dress for such an event. Seriously, cat suits? Leisure suits? Masks? Plus, they need spelling lessons - or at least spell check.

Cisco is perfectly dressed for any occasion. He's the cleanest cat I've ever known. See how white his fur is? It's softer than any bunny.

Vader feels he is also perfectly dressed for any occasion. Like planning BADNESS.


  1. I don't recognize the pattern, but it sure is pretty! I love the lamp.

  2. Gorgeous lamp photo! Cisco needs more blog press. Just look at his handsome stature. Vader OWNS his rep.

  3. That pattern (with errors) is in the Catherine Austin book A New Twist on Tatting (buy it for the eye candy, what patterns there are will drive you nuts).

    Very pretty set! Are they going to stay in your home office?

  4. Are you serious about that dress code? Madness.

  5. Your posts are always so entertaining! The doilies are reminiscent of many patterns from 'way back when', and I'm always amazed just to see photos, let alone the actual items! I'm assuming they are 'vintage' rather than new?

    I have yet to try the sweet Christmas tree. I assume you're adding beads to all of them! I admire your patience!

    I thought Sophie was a statue!! We have even found Stiffel lamps at thrift stores! (Yay!)

    The photo of Cisco on the couch is FABULOUS! On my new big-screen monitor he's just breathtaking! Those marvelous eyes!

    It IS an amusing poster ('strickly speaking' LOL!). I admit I prefer 'classic' formal attire so I agree with the idea, but at 67 I'm from another era! I admit I'm quite startled at what passes for fashion today! Cat suits?!!

  6. I have actually made a doily exactly like the smaller one you have...but I don't remember exactly where the pattern came from! I'm thinking the book was either purple or blue, how's that for being vague? I'll do a look-see around and if I can find it, I'll leave a comment on here.

    No cat suits?? What kind of a party is that? ;)

  7. found the pattern in Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss pattern called Occasional Doily, yes the book is a purply pink.
    Beautiful lamp and a bargin