Monday, January 16, 2012

TIAS 2012 Days 2 & 3

I'm still working on Jane's TIAS. Part of the fun is guessing what it is.

Day 2 - Is it a train?

Day 3 - how about a dragon? (Do ya like my fine drawing skills? I should have an exhibition!)

In other news, DH came into my home office/tatting room looking for some container. Like most of you tatters and crafty folk, I have a bunch of decorative metal boxes that I use to hold supplies. He has a bunch of hat and lapel pins he's collected over the years, and he was looking for a place to keep them.Could he have one of mine? Sure, if you can find an empty one.

DH looked in my containers and seemed very surprised that I had stuff in all of them. (I'm only showing you a few of these - I have a zillion.) Imagine that - I have stuff that fills my containers! Am I the only person like this? I don't think so....

In good news, DH is back at work today. First day since late October. He's watched everything on Netflix and cleaned out things he shouldn't have (like my bathroom sink - no!) and made a lot of bread and read books and got really really bored. Plus this has drained our finances, so I'm SO glad he's better. Life should be better.

Here's a sunset I saw Friday - isn't it gorgeous?


  1. Red sky at night - sailors' delight! Beautiful sunset - thanks for posting it. Congrats to DH for getting to go back to work - it's tough when you've read every book in the house and the dictionary is starting to look interesting...

    Does DH still need a container for his pins? What size? I can probably hook him up with an empty that he can fill!

  2. We saw that sunset on Friday too - it was unbelievable! Great picture of it - I didn't think I could actually capture the colors so I didn't try.

  3. I think your drawings are great, it must be a dragon because it is Chinese New Year next week and it is the year of the dragon. But then again it could be a train.
    Such great news about DH and the sunset is fabulous.
    Good for you filling up all the containers, thing is can you always find what you are looking for?
    Sharren we say in England 'Red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning.

  4. Dearest Sophie,
    I hope you and your brothers are doing all right and are having regular meals. I see what is happening and it isn't pretty.

    Let me know if you need the authorities called in about your human; I see she is definitely becming a legend in her own mind. Scary.

    Maybe you should show her some real art. Find some old paint or some indelible markers and get those paws busy on the living room wall - lots of lovely white space there. Then she will see what real talent is.

    I have tremendous faith in your abilities, Sophie.

  5. Life is good; Life is sweet.
    Glad things are looking up.
    What a beautiful sunset.
    Big hugs to all of you,

  6. I'm a tin person too! But my problem is I never remember what I have squirreled away!

  7. GLAD to read DH is headed back to work. I hope re-entry goes smooth.
    I am mad for little tins, but my MIL loves them even MORE so I always pass any I get along to her.

  8. Sharren's comment about "red sky at night" was exactly what I was thinking after seeing your gorgeous sunset photo. I concur with Sharren also regarding dictionaries. *giggle.chuckle.grin*

    Your TIAS cartoons are so much fun! Please may we have another (and another)?