Saturday, January 28, 2012


TIAS Day 7:

Continuing to say Oink. (But leaving a small possibility that this could be a Sheep!) (Baa!)

And for a little fun, a conversation this morning at my house:

Curly (who's supposed to be cleaning up bathrooms): Mom, there's cat poop on the carpet in front of your bedroom door.
Me: What!?! What are you talking about?
Curly: Yeah, there's a steaming pile of poop!
Me: Then clean it up.
Curly: That's not my job!
Me: Clean it up.
Curly: That's Moe's job!I don't clean up poop!


Curly: Oh wait, that's not cat poop, that's panty hose.

 And so it goes..


  1. cute, that's a guy for you. can't tell the difference between cat poop and pantyhose. he he he

    your pig is interesting, according to my granddaughter, it is the behind of a dog.

  2. Hey, Vader,
    They can't tell the difference between poop and pantyhose! You can work with that one.. hehehe!
    Your pal.

  3. David suggested a centaur - but he may be pulling my leg.

    Pantyhose pretending to be cat poop...not a pretty sight, I bet!!


  4. With those little fuzzy picots on the end of the tail. Gotta be a dog.

  5. "it's not cat poop--it's pantyhose." THAT IS HILARIOUS!

  6. Sorry it can't be a pig because I think its a goat!
    I would love my cats so much more if they didn't poop!