Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm afraid I've not been a good blogger of late. Not much posting going on.

In truth, things have been a bit dull over here - which is a welcome change. I crave dull. There has been too much goings on in the past few months. A relief from all the drama is a great thing, I promise!

Shall I show you how dull things are?

Vader has been declared a worthless beast, as he does little but lie around and show his fat belly all day.

I've been cooking. DH doesn't normally eat anything with cheese on it, but he asked me to make a cheesy item for him yesterday....

It was a huge macaroni and cheese with peas and ham. I meant to take a picture of the whole cooked casserole, but we dug into it as soon as it came out of the oven. It had more than a pound of cheeses in it and was delicious. And it's all gone. Nom nom nom.

Moe has been accompanying my in my grocery trips, and he and I found this item the other day at Aldi. Moe giggled a lot, and declared that the cuke plus the plastic on the outside reminded him of, um, something else. Not a vegetable. Heh.

Spring is coming early. We actually have a pollen count - ugh. But spring has big benefits, like these trees.

I went to book club today. We were there for 3 hours and discussed the book for maybe 20 minutes. (We like each other a lot.) These daffodils were outside our hostess's home - aren't they lovely?

I've been watching Downton Abbey, and wept at the end of last week's episode. Today's wasn't as dramatic, but it's always fun to see the Dowager Countess in fine, manipulative form.

And I'm going to work. Friday I meet with the Vice President of my group, and he told me several times what a good job I'm doing. Which is mighty nice to hear, even if he has no money to give out for raises. Oh, the joy of working for a semi-governmental agency...

Almost home!

After work, I come home. This was a recent sunset - isn't it pretty?

I'm grateful for the drama-free times! I hope your life is easy these days.

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  1. Horray for dull days...may you be blessed with many of them!