Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's been going on

We are back after the long weekend in Florida, attending the funeral for DH's brother. Moe came with us, as did DH's sister.

DH's brother was diagnosed in April with stage 4 cancer and died at age 48, way too young. The memorial service was at a church in the area DH had grown up. The minister knew DH's brother. The minister talked about how hard headed the brother was - he and the brother had played on the same baseball team as teens, and had collided HARD going for the same fly ball. Brother was fine, but the now-minister was knocked out cold and had his jaw broken by the brother's head.

It was a sweet service, with a slide show of some happier times, and nice comforting words were said. Afterwards, all adjourned to the fellowship hall where there was a light luncheon and folks could visit. It was as good as a sad event could be, and I hope it brought some closure to family members.

We got back late Sunday afternoon, and we were beat. The drive between Hotlanta and my MIL's home is long and dull, and much of it looks like the above picture. Zzzzz.

We got back in time for Curly to inform me he had Found A Car.

Not a looker, but seems to run ok. It's a 93 Mazda hatchback with a manual transmission. I test drove it (Curly didn't believe that I'm VERY competent on a stick shift). All systems seemed ok to me, the engine is in good shape, the clutch and brakes seem good. It was only $400, and being sold by folks who had to raise some cash quick. The guy's a mechanic and had put some work into the car. Curly paid for the whole thing himself (!!!) and has enough, after insurance and tag, to make any basic repairs. Not a car for heavy driving, but should be ok for Curly.

Whew! This is a relief for us - I was sick of carting him around.

In other news...

I hate my dental hygienist. Hate, hate, hate. While cleaning my teeth not long ago, she got really aggressive with the screws in my dental implants. And now not just the first, but the SECOND screw has come out. This time, I'm going to have to get my gum cut on to get the thing screwed in properly. Bitch better not be touching those screws again, because I'll be biting the living shit out of her. Sorry, but it hurts.


I'm going to write my own obituary, just so it will be written correctly. My MIL wrote my brother in law's obit, leaving out blood relatives but adding step-siblings, the children of her current husband (her fourth spouse). She asked me if I thought the obit was OK, and I suggested adding the blood relatives and leaving out the step-sibs, as my BIL had scarcely even met them. My MIL had a meltdown at this. (So why did she ask? WTF?)

Haven't done much serious tatting, as I've been pretty busy with family and work. I've been working on designs for Tat Days 2012 in spurts. And some good news - DH is doing much better and should finally be going back to work next week, hurrah!


  1. So sorry about your BIL. RE your dental hygenist...I have bonding on my front teeth and one time the biotch picked half of it out, leaving me with a big gap between my teeth (duh, that's why it was bonded) and I had to pay for an emergency rebonding that day before I left. She will not be picking at my teeth again. And they wonder why we cancel three times before we show up for cleanings?

  2. why in the world would the hygenist even touch the implant screws???? seems to me she needs to relearn her job.

    sorry for DH's and your loss, and sounds like you gave the right answer to the question you were asked.

    sounds like all in all, 2012 may be starting better then 2011 ended.

  3. Oh, how very sad about your bro-in-law. I'm glad the service was nice though.
    Like you, I have proactively written my obituary. Mr. D is borderline illiterate and I don't want that reflecting on me after I'm gone!
    Cool about Curly's car.
    Boo to the bad hygenist. No other one who can clean your teeth?