Friday, February 17, 2012

For Gina

I was so sad to hear of the death this week of our beloved Tatting Goddess, Gina Brummet. I know all of you tatters are too.

I didn't ever get to know Gina personally, as some did. Instead, I got to know her through her wonderful blog, her lovely comments and emails, and her patterns. She was a talented lady who shared easily and brightened a lot of lives. I had some correspondence with her over the years, and she was always cheery and great about offering to help, any way she could. And of course, she was an absolutely terrific tatter.

An angel tatted by Gina

I'd like to think that perhaps our Tatting Goddess is in heaven, tatting away with greats like Doretha Albee, Myrtle Hamilton, and of course, Mary Konior. It makes me feel happy to think of such a thing, and cheers me quite a bit. Could it be that angel wings are really made of lace?

Tat on, Gina, tat on. We'll tat together someday.

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  1. I lift my teacup and join you in saying, "For Gina."

    Well done.