Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seen and heard around here

First of all, I have been tatting. Truly, I know how to do this! And I had a banner week for people interested in tatting - I found a tatter I didn't know before, plus 3 people who want to learn. Huzzah!

This are earrings for a friend, from a pattern of mine that I taught at Tat Days last year. Don't know what's up with the color on my iPhone - the thread is a lovely raspberry, Lizbeth 625.

I'm also working hard on patterns for Tat Days 2012. Sorry, can't show you those. Come to Tat Days and see!

My friend Bubba found Beyonce. (I'll stop while you read about her.) He sent this picture of him and Beyonce via text message, received while I was driving.

See? I really do want it though. Who doesn't need a little Beyonce in their life?

This morning, Bubba sent me this:

 A lovely lawn ornament spied in his neighborhood. Yes, it's a toilet used as a planter. Pretty. See the text below.

Yes, I was on I-20, doing about 60 mph, texting. Smack my hands, mea culpa.

Speaking of I-20, I was talking to my friend J while driving home on I-20, and I mentioned the sun in my eyes. (My commute is about an hour each way, so I spend a lot of that time on the phone. Yes, I have a headset.)  Interstate 20 is a major US highway, going from Florence SC almost to El Paso TX. J went on and on about how terrible it was that the sun was in your eyes while driving on I-20, and couldn't the civil engineers who designed it have done a better job of taking that into account?

I didn't know what to say. I-20 goes East/West. The sun comes up in the East and sets in the West. The sun being in your eyes seemed very silly to gripe about - just deal with it. But J is in her own world of logic. Bubba and I discussed this and think that maybe J wanted the road to be built underground. Or maybe with a retractable canopy? Hmm.... J lives in her own world.

Going with friends to a dinner and a play tonight!


  1. I hate east-west roads. I realize it's completely irrational, but I do.

  2. WOW! Beyonce for $25??
    I saw some at the giant antique market but they were more expensive than that.