Sunday, March 18, 2012

A lovely present, and more spring

I ordered some thread from Tastkool, and it came. It's her new version of Flame Lantana, the one done in honor of our late Tatting Goddess, Gina. It's very, very pretty. The colors are bright and well blended - I like it a lot.

And there was a little something else in the package from Éire. Tatskool had made this gorgeous bookmark for me, tatting in Gina's Flame Lantana (pattern by Julie Patterson). I am really tickled to have this. It's a lovely present - thank you, Tatskool!

I'm tatting away on patterns for Tat Days, so I'm no going to try and show them to you yet. But I can show you some things about my day. Because Spring is in full swing!

I got up this morning, and spied this blue sky and budding leaves out of the high window in my bath.

I headed off to church and found this row of blooming trees facing me. The blossoms flutter by like snow, yet the temperature has been about 80F (27C).

On the way home, I found this nice man tending his azalea bushes. The azaleas are just really beginning to bloom.

And coming into my neighborhood, I saw more blooms. I love spring. Unfortunately, spring's lovely blooms bring much pollen - Moe is suffering a lot.

I'm suffering with my latest addiction. Curse you, Unblock Me! (I'm in the 400's now.)

To take a break from my addiction, I offer you a special little something. I promise it will make you laugh.

It even made Prince Charles smile. Enjoy!


  1. love the cat organ! you made my day posting that. thank you.

  2. So glad you like the thread and the bookmark. It's a wonderful pattern for showing how a thread will look.
    It's just a little appreciation of friendship,past and present.

  3. That cat organ just cracked me up!

    I hope your pollen is calming down a little. We have a lot of pine pollen here.