Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joys and sorrows of the season

A little taste of spring fun:

A bit of my current tatting, a pattern for Tat Days.

And a bit of my household's current pain:
This is the current pollen levels for this month in Hotlanta. That's pollen grains parts per cubic meter, and high is anything above 199. Monday beat the prior record of about 6000, from April of 1999. And then we had Tuesday.... Moe continues to suffer. DH has finally relented and turned on the air conditioning to help ease the suffering. And we are grateful for it. I was ill yesterday (not pollen) and stayed home - the AC helped a lot.

You heard me, air conditioning in March! Not just for pollen - we're having a record week of temperatures of 80F (27C) or above. That's late spring weather, not the end of winter. What's it going to be like in August?

But, yeah - spring! And pretty much everything is blooming. The purple is some wisteria in woods near me. I wanted to take pictures of the big huge hunks of it hanging over walls on I-20, but I was in heavy traffic, and don't really relish taking my life in my hands. Not that you guys don't mean anything to me. I just don't like bleeding.

This is about 1/2 a mile up the same road, white blossoms of wild dogwood. Dogwoods are everywhere. You can look in the woods and see them blooming, white blossoms deep into the woods. It's lovely.

And now I need to go to bed, 'cause my eyes are filled with pollen gunk, and I can't see to tat. Night-night!


  1. Have you had the yellow/ green film on your cars as well? Here in Memphis it has been super bad. We have that wisteria looking stuff too. It is SOOO pretty!!! I was wondering what it was. So, thank you for that bit of info! I saw one tree that actually had white blooms, in the same yard as a tree with purple blooms... crazy, but they were still both very pretty. I have bad allergies to my fur babies, but the pollen only sometimes bothers me. This year to pollen has gotten to Livi though. Poor baby.

  2. That pattern looks lovely. Jealous that I can't make it down there for Tat Days. Those pollen charts make me so happy I am allergic to nothing. Hope you guys all feel better soon. It's been in the 70s since last week and 80 today and tomorrow. I have a March in Michigan! Yay!

  3. Really pretty tatting....the color is POPPING! Sorry about the heat and the pollen! We've been getting snow.

  4. Know that you are not alone!!! We do not have much blooming here is southern Ontario yet but the grass is starting to green up and the molds are making for a few watery eyes!!!
    Take care! Kelly

  5. We have no wisteria, nor do we have that much pollen. How miserable for those suffering.

  6. That looks like exciting tatting.
    Your photos as usual are lovely, but sorry to hear how you are suffering, it must be so tiring.

  7. Here in PA we keep checking the calendar because it feels like June. Can't believe this warm weather and the blooming of flowers this early. We're almost afraid to enjoy it, worried that we haven't seen the last of snow!

    Always enjoy your photos.