Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is sprung

It's officially Spring. Much sneezing happening, though the pollen count is down some (thank heavens!). Want to see what's blooming near me?

These trees are blooming  all over. Not sure what they are - crabapples, maybe? I like them.

I used to have some of these when we lived at another house. Don't know the name, but I'm here to tell you, don't ever plant these next to your home, as they grow fast and take over. (The prior home owner made this error.) Bees love it. Doesn't smell great though.

Azaleas are everywhere. You can get azaleas now that bloom twice a year, which is great.

Really, everyone has them. They're a great shrub. A major pop of color in your yard.

The classic dogwood tree. They are wild here too, very hardy.

Here's a dogwood up close. Four creamy white petals. They get red berries on them that birds love, and the leaves turn reddish in the fall.

We have pink dogwoods too! Pink ones are not wild, it's a developed color.

Here are the pink dogwood blossoms up close. Dogwoods are slow growing and the wood is very tough.

These are early blooming hydrangeas, big balls of flowers. We have many more types in all colors that bloom in the summer. My little town has a hydrangea festival in June.

And finally - a portent of summer, an early rose.

I hope things are lovely where you live...


  1. Oh, my goodness! Aahhh, Spring!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your mystery tree looks like the Bradford Pear Trees around here. They smell like dog poo when they bloom. They are extremely hearty trees. We had one grow right in the middle of our Crate Myrtle. Also had one growing between the concrete patio and our brick house. I kept cutting it down and it kept growing back. It grew to over six feet before I salted it.
    I love your Spring pictures. They are so pretty!!

  3. Love all the color you have. Ours is not that far along and tonight we are expecting a freeze. What to cover to try and save from getting killed.

  4. Ah - the color where you are is beautiful! We've had such unusually warm temperatures in Minnesota - we're amazed just to have grass that's turning green in March :) Oh yeah, and we're hoping it doesn't snow again.