Thursday, April 5, 2012

On going stuff at Chez Crazy

I'm tatting.

I wasn't happy with this, so I cut it out and discarded it. (I saved the beads.) I'm re-doing it now, and am much happier. This was too frilly for what I was trying to accomplish, plus the variegated thread detracted from the design.

As it's Easter time, we have Peeps around the house. I hate the taste of Peeps, but they are fun to torture use in research. The flinging of the microwaved Peeps is a necessary activity. I will not allow the Stooges to participate in a Peep eating contest, because that inevitably results in Peepy regurgitation.

I love the Peep Contest the Washington Post does every year - very very funny. Go take a look at it - you'll be happy you did.

Speaking of happy....

This is how Vader spends much of his time. Sleeping. See how his paws are curled? I brushed his furry tummy right after this, and he only bit me a little.

We are having Curly and his roommates over for an early Easter dinner Saturday evening, ham and the fixings. Curly is doing remarkably well, and I'm so very pleased for him. He's doing well in his job, he's living on his own and paying his bills, and he seems pretty happy. Such a change from a year ago!


  1. Right now everyone at my house is asleep, but if they weren't I would have busted of laughing over the deaf bunny pic. LOVE IT!
    I love Peeps!!

  2. Glad to read the good news on Curly.
    Power to the Peeple--too dang funny!