Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Current doin's at Chez Crazy

I was so jazzed about my visit with Jimmy that I forgot my dental appointment on Monday morning. I remembered when the phone rang as I pulled into my office parking lot, a half hour after the appointment. (I'm rescheduled for Thursday morning. It's a replacement crown. Ugh.)

I'm tatting a cross as a thank you present for the former Prez. I spoke to Miss Jan, and she's going to get it to him. This is my own Simple Cross pattern, done in Tuscany HDT by Lady Shuttlemaker.

Moe is at a Boy Scout Camp for the week with his troop. It's his favorite thing to do - he looks forward to it all summer. I'll pick him up on Saturday.

Curly has waxed his eyebrows. No, I don't know why. It's best if I don't ask such things.

Larry, AKA the slug who lives in my basement, is turning into the world's biggest grump. And he's not  cooperative in doing his chores. "I hate cleaning up other people's messes!" he grumped to me on the phone. "I wiped your bottom for years," I replied. "Yeah, but you signed up for that - I didn't!"

I hung up on him and wouldn't take his calls for some time. Perhaps it's time that Larry found another basement to live in - and grow up. (He is healing, BTW.)

Vader has been enjoying my suitcase, now empty from my last week's trip.


  1. Looks like you got the message, Vader.

    That’s right. Watch that big blue thing with the zipper and if she starts to put some stuff in it, she is going away again. If that happens you need to take immediate action. Use the box just like the one your litter is in. Enjoy it. Really dig. She won’t use it after that.

    Your friend,

  2. So one will be gross when he comes home, one is gorgeously waxed, and one is just grumpy - bit of variety there!
    I've never yet met a cat who doesn't immediately climb into an empty suitcase.

  3. Ooh! Such lovely thread! Is that a Boye shuttle?

  4. That will be a lovely cross bookmark for JC.
    can I go to camp too?
    curly is going for shock value I think. or just to see what all the hype is about.
    Larry, sigh, he needs a swift kick somewhere. A little reality might be good.

  5. Things do get crazy around your house! That was quite an adventure you had. Nice photos, great place to stay, amazing story.

    I loved the photo of Vader while you were packing. He has such distinctive markings on his face, and pretty eyes when he opens them wide like that! He looks very surprised that you are packing, and most content in the empty suitcase here, as if to announce you're not going anywhere! Better not let him read Gian's notes!

  6. Oh, Larry Larry Larry.

    Great cross--that is so cool you got to meet Jimmy!

    Waxed boys? Eyebrows or chest, too?