Thursday, June 28, 2012

JC's Cross finished

I finished my cross for Jimmy Carter.

It's in Lady Shuttle Maker's Tuscany HDT size 20. It wants blocking, but looks pretty good I think. The pattern is my own Simple Cross. I'll put it in a thank you card and send it to Jimmy, via Miss Jan.

Moe is back from his second week of Boy Scout camp. He came back happy and stinky, as usual. He proudly told me he had taken a single shower during the week, and had not changed his socks once. I made him strip in the laundry room down to his boxers, and sent him straight up to the shower. His feet were brown with dirt.

DH and I are going away this weekend, something we seldom do. We're heading up to Chattanooga TN and hang out there. I think we're going on a river cruise, but mostly we're just going to relax. Without the Stooges!

It's hot as Hades here. 98F today, 100F tomorrow, 102F Saturday. (Saturday's high is 38.9 for you Celsius folks.) Mercy - when it gets to body temperature or above, I just DIE! Thank God we have air conditioning.

The cats have been lolling around in the heat. Isn't Cisco handsome?

I don't understand how this could be comfortable, but evidently it is.

Now I need to think about other things - like getting my car's AC fixed so we don't DIE in the heat!

Stay cool, ya'll.


  1. Have a really good break - bet the stooges will be stinky again by the time you get home!!! I know what kids are like!!!

  2. very pretty tatting. I like the way your cross turned out.
    Have fun on your trip. Tell Vadar to ride herd on the stooges while you are gone. cuz' Jane is right, they could be stinky again.

  3. As to why Vader is comfortable while we wouldn't be, in that position: it's simple, cats are boneless!

    Love the cross. Great work!

  4. Name dropping again with JC!! I am sure he will like the cross, pretty thread too. Boy Scouts and camping = no washing or showering! I was amazed to learn whilst speaking to leaders recently that they have never heard of sickness on these camps especially with the lack of washing etc.
    Have a great time away. My goodness you are having fab weather, hope it stays like that for our visit!

  5. Did you hear that, my friend?

    Vader, the heat must be getting to you. SHE is calling him JIMMY! First name basis with the guy!

    Obviously SHE IS NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU! Barf on the present for the president. That’ll show HER.

    Lookin’ out for your best interests, pal,
    Your buddy,