Friday, June 29, 2012

In Hades

It's very, very hot. And sticky.

Here's the prediction in Farenheit.

And for you Celsius folks.

I may die.

I almost had heatstroke coming home yesterday. The AC on my car died 15 minutes into my hour long commute, leaving me to sit on the downtown interstate in 98F heat, crawling along. I was feeling quite ill when I got home.

The car is now in the shop, getting the AC fixed. At GREAT expense. But it's that or perish in the heat.

And it's only July. Oh ya'll. It's going to be an ugly summer.


  1. When my car said that is was 108 out yesterday, I thought about you and "Hotlanta". We don't have a cute name to emphasize the "Memphis Heat". "Memphis Heat" was a movie though, right?
    Also, Why do cars wait until it's summer to let the AC go out?

  2. Just send some of that heat over here please!
    Glad you are getting the AC fixed, essential

  3. Us Hotlantians would love to send you all the heat you want!

  4. Would you believe my parents are thinking about retiring in Savannah?

  5. It's been about the same here in Southern Colorado, but we don't have the humidity here...miserable, but more bearable to an extent. My AC went out last summer part way through a 15 hr car trip heading home to Montana to visit my family...never fun, but I concur with the assessment that they do seem to go out at the worst possible times! Glad you are getting yours fixed :-)

  6. Hotter even than Brisbane! - I can cope perfectly well with the dry heat of the southern states, and the west, but the humidity gives me migraines - so I would never survive in your part of the world.
    How did we manage before air-conditioning!

  7. It got hotter than that yesterday and it's supposed to get hotter still today. This is crazy!

    And I know what you mean about AC in cars - my daughter's car is old and has no AC. I hate riding in it!