Monday, July 2, 2012

Back from a brief break

First off - registration is open for Palmetto Tat Days 2012. I'm teaching! Come and have a great time. If you've never attended a tatting conference, let me say - you're in for a treat if you come.

I'm back from a short overnight jaunt with DH, sans the Stooges. We headed up the hill from Hotlanta, in the sweltering heat, to Chattanooga, TN.

Unfortunately, it was sweltering at our destination too. Thank heavens the car's AC is now fixed!

DH and I managed to have a good time despite the heat. Nice room, with a comfy bed. We were told the room had a mountain view.

Oh well! Who looks out windows in hotel rooms anyhow? The AC worked, that was important!

We did see lots of things. We went through a long tunnel at Tunnel Hill. Kinda cool. And narrow - one lane.

For those not used to driving in the South, See Rock City signs used to be everywhere.

I decided we should drive up Lookout Mountain. So up the hill we went. We did not See Rock City, but we did go past Ruby Falls. I was really amused when DH thought Ruby Falls was a place to mine rubies, instead of being a tourist trap. Lots of folks were being sucked in at Ruby Falls, but not us. We journeyed on, up up the hill and stopped at...

Where we just watched the train go up the steep, steep hill, choosing not to ride it. Great view though!

We weren't done yet. We went a little further up the hill, to Point Park, on the top of Lookout Mountain. For those that don't know, Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain were big parts of the American Civil war. The battle of Lookout Mountain was known as the "Battle above the Clouds".

Lots of things to see at the park, which is run by the National Park Service. There were cannons. I think these are the kind referred to as Napolean cannons.

And memorials. This is the New York Peace Memorial, which has a Union and a Confederate soldier shaking hands on top.

And lots of great views, like this of the Tennessee River. As you can tell, the extreme heat made the day hazy.

We got reminders of how many soldiers were killed or injured in this battle. This is just the Confederate casualties.

For Civil War buffs such as DH, this is a great spot to visit. The visitor's center houses a huge painting called "Battle Above the Clouds" painting by James Walker. It's 13' x 40' - very large. It was commissioned by the winner, General Hooker (center on the white horse).

After we left the park (and consumed a lot of water - hot hot hot!) we went down, down the hill. I remember a friend burning her brakes out on this hill years ago, and I wonder how. It's steep - but not as bad as going to Mom's place! I just gear down.

The other adventure we had in Chattanooga was a river ride on the boat River Gorge Explorer. It makes guided tours down the Tennessee River, and you learn about the river, wildlife, and Civil War history. Since it's a catamaran with jet engines, the boat is FAST.

And comfy - air conditioned! DH and I were glad to beat the heat.

We got to see wildlife. This is an osprey nest, with adults and fledglings on the nest. We saw a lot of herons, egrets, turtles.

The guide was a biologist who specialized in shellfish. He showed us some neat mussels. The interior of this large native mussel is pink - isn't it gorgeous? I recommend the boat ride - it was fun.

And yes, I did a bit of tatting. I bought an old timey cloth doll at a fair recently, and have given her some tatted edging on her blouse. I'm adding some hair to her (using embroidery floss), and then I'll give her to my little niece Kara.

What are you doing this summer?


  1. What an interesting post. I love the mountains I've seen in America. We went up a huge one when we were at Cades Cove a few years ago and I walked right up to the top. The air was very thin and the path VERY steep but the view was amazing. Wish I could remember what it was called!!!

  2. Fun!! I went to Chattanooga during a high school trip (~10 years ago) We went to Rock City and rode the incline railroad. It was fun.

  3. We stopped over a couple of nights in Chattanooga back in 1995 - loved all the history! Didn't y'all go see the Chattanooga Choo-Choo?

  4. Leave it to Jane to climb a mountain! I'd like to take the incline ( sort of); but I think I'd rather drive, the way you did!
    Beautiful scenery!
    The boat ride seems refreshing!

    Great post. Thanks for taking us along! I would have tried to change rooms, as the view is important to me. However in this case the most important thing was a working air

    That will be a very special doll!

  5. What a grand vacation! I've never vacationed there, but your photos inspire me to consider it soon!

  6. What a lovely trip. I haven't been to Tennessee in about 30 years. My husband wanted me to see where he went to boarding school at Sewanee Academy in the 1970's.

    We planned to go to Nashville this Sept, but my husband won't be able to take any vacation time until the winter.