Thursday, June 14, 2012

Funny times at Chez Crazy, and buttons!

A bit of humor.

I shared with DH recently a news item on Burger King's latest offering, an ice cream sundae with caramel, chocolate sauce, and  - bacon.

(Yes, bacon. I kid you not.)


DH: Bacon is meat candy.
Me: Then it's a meat candy sundae.
DH: Mmmm. Bacon. In a sundae. Mmmmm. Meat.

DH likes Meat. Can you tell.

On another subject, DH sometimes brings home critters. Yesterday he brought home an orphaned kitten, very skinny and flea-ridden. The cat was de-fleaed  and handed over to Moe for care until we find a home for it. (I do not want another cat right now.)

DH named the kitten Bob. Bob the cat who's a kitten - remember this.

Curly came over last night, in need of various things (like $$). Moe saw an opportunity to pull one on his brother, who has tricked him mercilessly in the past.

Moe: Curly, Dad brought home a Bobcat kitten.
Curly: What!?!! No way! Mom did he really?
Me (with a straight face): The kitten is in Moe's room.
Curly: !!! Let me get my girlfriend - she'll want to see a bobcat kitten.

And Curly grabbed the GF and headed to Moe's room. Where Bob the cat who's a kitten was. Heh.

Finally, on a non-Crazy note, I found a terrific article in Slate on the history of buttons. Read it, then see the slide show at the bottom. One of the buttons shown is embellished with tatting!

Carpe diem...


  1. The bacon part is gross but the buttons are beautiful. Very interesting link.

  2. bleh, I can not stand bacon. My whole family loves it, even Livi. It's not for me.
    I love the bobcat kitten story!
    Did the Curly GF like the kitten anyway?

  3. An amazing history of the button! I'm surprised the shank button came before the 2- or 4-holed buttons, as obviously it would be more difficult to make the shank. On the other hand, the shank allows space for the closure, especially on thick fabric. We take so many things for granted today! I always thought it had to be so difficult to 'button' one's shoes with those hooks! And now I understand why women's and men's clothes have the buttons on opposite sides (although why one side was 'favored' is puzzling to me.) I'm surprised they even found a button with tatting on it! Thanks for the link!

  4. That sundae is just plain not kosher It is so wrong on so many levels! Yuch.

    Thanks for the great button bio! I scanned it and saved it for later. Nicely written.
    Fox : )

  5. Bacon and Rum are my top two foodie ingredients. That said, check out this link: Top 10 Bizarre Food Ingredients Number 9 and Number 3 were most surprising to me.

    Bacon sundaes? Not so surprising. Can't wait to see how this new menu item fares (<-intentional pun) in market testing.


  6. Bacon sundae...ewwwwww, gross!!!

    So does the Bob cat kitten have a new home with Curly's GF?

  7. Thanks for the button history link, so interesting.
    No way bacon on a sundae, yuk.
    Mind you saying that I've eaten some strange things over the last fortnight whilst on holiday!