Monday, June 11, 2012

Mom's necklace is finished.

I have finished the necklace for my mother.

It's inspired by Sally, from a star pattern by Jane, in Lizbeth 20. I hope Mom likes it - 'cause if she doesn't, I'm taking it back. I think it's pretty, if I do say so myself.

My friend Mrs V gave me some nifty gifts. The little boxes are for holding beads - they originally held dental crowns! (Mrs. V does dental work.) And the darling little kitty is a needle minder with a VERY powerful magnet. Me likey!

Larry got a bit of further bad news on Friday. While his injuries are healing nicely (thank heavens!), he has missed so many of his paramedic classes that he has to start over. Again. The next class starts in September. Larry is pretty morose and has been having a bit of a pity party. ("Why does everything happen to me!?!") I'm ok with a pity party, as long as it only lasts for 30 minutes. Then buck up, son.

Enough of the pity party. Here's a bit of what's growing in my yard.


And lilies! It's been a lovely summer so far...


  1. cool gifts, pretty flowers, and poor Larry.
    O.K. Larry buck up, and deal, you had to know this was a possibility.
    right now life seems to be giving you the evil eye. But really it is just testing you, how will you handle the test? will you cave in and give up? or will you stand up to life, be a mature man and fight?

  2. Gladioli!! - you need Dame Edna to visit.
    And the necklace is really lovely.
    Tell Larry that it would have been much worse if he DIDN'T have the option to begin again.....he's fortunate indeed.
    I miss Vader.

  3. ohhh mommy what beautiful flowers you have !!!!

  4. Your mum will love it, how could she not?

  5. Your necklace is stunning! I should make one for my mom. : )

    I hope things start looking up for Larry. Pity parties are necessary, but I agree with you... you have to buck up or it will get the best of you.

    I love your flowers. We really need some rain here so that I can take some pretty flower pictures. Ours are looking pretty sad right now.

  6. The necklace is as lovely as I had anticipated. Nice gift for your mom.

  7. Lovely necklace! I'm sure your Mom will love it!

  8. I knew the necklace would be beautiful, and I love the way you have assembled it.

    Every time I see gladiolas I think of 1930s weddings, where they were popular with brides. My mother was maid of honor in 1935 for her 'new' sister-in-law (wife of her brother),
    and she carried an armful of gladiolas. She also grew gladiolas in our tiny garden at our rented duplex in the 1950s. I don't see many of them anymore in local gardens.

    I believe Larry's experience will give him more empathy towards his future patients. He will look back one day and also realize how you helped him through it!