Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some bargains

Still tatting the necklace - all stars are done, working on split rings.

I am a major tightwad, so I relish being able to find a bargain. I found two!

The first is a great tower fan. I found this at the grocery store Aldi. Seriously, at Aldi, for $19.99 USD. I now have two. The fan oscillates and has a timer, and it's not loud. A fan is essential in Hotlanta.

And I found a terrific portable Ott-Lite for the same price! $19.99 at, of all places, Office Depot! Yes, at an office supply store - who knew? It's more expensive online at $21.99, but still a good buy.

It weighs a pound and a half. It's coming everywhere with me. I lurve it.

And finally..

A lovely video of sweet lion cubs and their keeper. Awww.


  1. I loooove Aldi. I read in the AJC that the Lacura stuff was discontinued so I buy the $3.99 every single time I go there! I'm stocked!

  2. I'm going to Office Depot tomorrow - I've been looking at the portable Ott Lights since I bought one for Mom. She got a great price but I hadn't found another one for a good price since.

  3. Aldi sells everything! - but you've got to be on the spot because the bargains are only there until they're sold, they never seem to re-stock the same things. My daughter outfitted my grandchildren for their ski trip there - amazing.
    Vader is much nicer than a lion cub.

  4. Cute until it bites! Good bargain hunting.

  5. Still have the 2 fans I got back in COLLEGE. They work great, amazing.

  6. I found the lion cubs tape to be SO appealing. Of course, it won't be long before they are too big to handle!

    I also very much admired your necklace motifs and the way you finished it off in your recent post!