Monday, June 4, 2012

Necklace in Progress

After I saw Sally's pretty necklaces, I was inspired to tat one. Here's my progress so far.

There will be one more of Jane's Star motifs here, then some split rings. I'm making this for my mother, whose pallet of jewelry is pretty limited. She mostly wears black and white or grey or silver. Soooo, she's getting a black and silver necklace.

I made her this one several years ago, and she wears it a lot. The pendant is a black and silver glass butterfly.

Moe is home from NYLT camp Friday night. He came back hoarse and very stinky, which meant that he had a great time. BTW - he was so stinky that DH drove the whole 60+ miles home with the car windows open. As soon as Moe set foot inside the house, I made him strip to his undies in the laundry room. Peeuw!

Larry is finally recovering! As of Friday, his Coumadin levels were good. And he told me that the blood clots have stopped hurting, which means that the medicine has tunneled through the clots and is allowing normal blood flow in his legs. He's to go back to school tomorrow, and I hope he's able to get physical therapy today. He's a grump and a half to be around, and I've told him he needs to work on his attitude. But I'm very grateful he's doing better.

Vader is being himself. He's pretty worthless.


  1. Hi Vader,
    It’s working... you are doing a great job. Keep it up.
    Your pal,

  2. Those stars are so pretty in black with beads.

  3. Wonderful stars, which will make a lovely piece. Glad your mom does wear the other necklace!

    Also glad things have settled down a bit for you - and Larry.

    Does Vader ever sit properly in a regal fashion, like Cisco? He really seems to love just lounging on his back! I have to admit he makes me laugh!

  4. Your necklace is going to be wonderful! I wish I had creative thoughts like that, one of my daughters is having a Black-and Silver birthday party this weekend, and I could have made one for her!
    Sadly, jewellery is not my forte.
    I entirely understand about the stinky Scout; my youngest son, years ago, returned from a school ski trip wearing the same clothes he left in. He broke his arm on the first day and there was no-one to help him undress and wash for the whole week......the staff were all too busy enjoying themselves on the slopes.