Thursday, July 19, 2012

UFBS project

Not a UFO - a UFBS! An Unfinished Blinged Shuttle project!

You may remember that a sub-set of the Palmetto Tat Gals has gotten together for an overnight or two to tat and chat and giggle and other things. (Like eat.) And you may remember the occasion when we blinged shuttles. Note - this was also the event which resulted in The Lamp Shade Photo.

Well, when I returned home after said outing, my stash of partially blinged shuttles was put into a bag. Where they stayed for months and months. Unfinished. Sad, really. A waste of good shuttles.

This past week, those six sad unfinished shuttles were found. And they are sad no more. For I broke out the Mod-Podge and my x-acto knife and finished those suckers!

I trimmed up the edges and slapped 2 coats on Mod-Podge on both sides. They're all shiny and cute now! If you look (click on the picture), you'll see that the middle one on the right has a teeny-tiny Stumpy on it. Most are embellished with paper, but the one on the bottom right is cloth.

And here are the reverse sides. Some have sparkles too. I'm happy with these! I'm not ready to sell any, but I'm perfectly happy to use these myself. And I have no UFBS projects left. For now...

I did tat a little something, earrings for my friend SC's birthday. She was delighted....


  1. Ah, the lampshade photo - I remember it well. Love the shuttles and he earrings are pretty, pretty.

  2. This happens so often we buy things and at the time are thrilled and ready to go but some how time and enthusiasm wanes. But then later we come back with renewed interest and have so much fun! The shuttles look fab, and that lamshade photo is a classic!

  3. The lampshade photo is one of my favorites! Love the bling!

  4. What a hearty chuckle I had upon seeing the Lamp Shade photo again! (still grinning)

    Your blinged shuttles turned out so well! And I must say, the stumpy lace is the tiniest one I have every seen! Very pretty embellishment!

  5. Seeing those blinged shuttles made my heart race, super cool.