Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A bit of unusual stuff

Strange Unusual things are happening.

Moe, who is seldom sick. has been running a stiff fever because of having strep throat. Augmentin pills are huge!

It's been raining every other night, but not for long I think. But long enough to grow some awesome mushrooms! This one is at my office.

 Vader has been displaying strange poses. and showing his fat belly. No, not strange  - this is normal for him!

Cisco has been a sink cat. (He likes to drink out of the steel container this way.)

And something eggplant-colored appeared at my house. Wait - something eggplant?

Craig's List provided a new-to-me 2009 Honda Fit Sport, in Blackberry Pearl. (We needed a second car, and this was a steal.)

Will wonders never cease?


  1. My car! Bought it last summer at 130,000 kliks and it is fantastic! Cheap and cheerful and looks just like yours. Enjoy it. Great little auto.
    Fox : )

  2. Nice auto! Are you going to nickname it the "Parmigiana"? Will you drive it to Toccoa so we can see it? See you in 45 days.

  3. speedy healing for Moe, tough to be sick, but sore throats are hard.
    congrats on the car, it is pretty.
    yeah for you with the rain.

  4. Cute! A friend got a red one for her daughter, but I really like that color. DOTR had an eggplant Infiniti Q45 back in the day and it was a beautiful car (when it was clean!) The good news is that you can drive forever on a tank of gas!

  5. Even sitting in a sink, Cisco looks regal! And Vader is - well -Vader!

    Glad you're getting some rain. Love the car!

  6. Exciting! We're hoping to get a 'new to me' car soon too.