Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sorry I've been away

I've had a lot to do at home, and not much time for anything else lately.

Some updates:

Moe has started back to school, his sophomore year in high school. I'm very pleased with his schedule (which he chose!) of Honors Math, World History, 10th grade Lit, French II, Chorus, AP Biology, Modern Military History, and Computer Apps. Excellent schedule. He's also now leading all the Scout troop meetings as SPL, and has to run the annual planning workshop this weekend. (He's nervous about this, but the troop's adult leadership will make sure he'll be successful.)

Sunday night, I gleefully mowed Moe's hair with the clippers. It looked attrocious before! Now it's a nice, tidy 3-guard length.

Larry is finally back at work, doing light duty. He started back last Tuesday. He's not getting many hours, but at least this is wedging him OUT of my basement. He's going back to class later this month, hurrah!

Larry does have a pretty funny sense of humor. This is a tableau he set up, with Power Rangers and Godzilla, sipping tea. Please note the tea cups.

Curly is back IN our house, after having massive roommate issues and finance problems, most of which were not his fault. He's car has been giving him fits - he spent all weekend working on it and is pretty happy with it now. He's only supposed to be in the house until September 1, but I suspect it will be longer, as he's had to spend a LOT of money on car parts. He's a better boy than the one that left though, much more considerate and willing to help. I'm so glad.

I have to take DH to have outpatient surgery on Monday, getting yet another basal cell carcinoma removed. The one on Monday is on his lower leg and is the size of a quarter. He has 4 more to come off on the 27th, none are as big. DH is paying the price for growing up outside in Florida sans sunscreen.

I've been enjoying the bears, but many times I need the calm of watching the fish. OMMMMMMM.

I did make it to my knitting/crochet/tatting group. They always have things to show off. I'm trying to get them to come to Tat Days!

Did you this month would be Julia Child's 100th birthday? She was the best.

Cisco doesn't care about Julia Child. He just wants more petting.


  1. wonderful on the good news for the kids,(can't call them kidlets any more).
    Sorry to hear DH is still having difficulties.

    have fun at TAT days.

  2. Cisco is REALLY saying: "Why am I not spending my summer vacay with Aunt HJ?"

  3. Scouting is good for learning leadership skills and building confidence, Moe will be fine. Slow progress but Larry is getting there too, love his tableau, boys do love playing with toys! Good news about Curly, things are looking up in your family, may they continue that way.

  4. Hey, Cisco,
    You should hear my mom's imitation of Julia Child...Uggghhh. The humans like it, but it makes me want to barf.
    Your pal,

  5. Wow, you guys have a lot going on!

    My Mom has knitted about 8 of those curly scarves. My fall project is going to be learning how to crochet. I've tried before and gotten frustrated, but I'm going to give it another try.