Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Mailman Cometh

The postie has come, and I have some goodies to show.

First off, I ordered  and have received a number of books. I love Abe Books, which is Da Bomb. Cheap, and you can find free shipping often. I got two used DMC books: Tatting for Today #15209, and Festive Tatting #15218. Both are by Marion T. Leyds, and have great patterns. These books are great additions to my library.

I also acquired two new books. One is Marilee Rockley's great Tatted Jewelry. The illustrations are really lovely in this book, and Marilee's patterns are terrific. And I love tatting jewelry for me! The other new book is Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers. I really love the format of the book - it's spiral bound inside a hard cover, and the pages lie flat! Lots of small patterns with a number of techniques used, great illustrations, plus a history of tatting at the beginning.

Now to the mystery item I received, via Mr. Postman. ("Mr. Postman, send me a dream....")

Some very, very nice tatter commissioned The Shuttle Shop to make my own personal shuttle! I don't know who this might be, but I surely thank you, O Magic Shuttle Fairy Godmother. Ain't it grand?

Even DH was impressed. He thought it was very well made and beautifully done. I love it!

It's nice to have a Tatting Fairy Godmother. Every tatter should have one.

Larry has continued making Toy Tableaus. This time, it's a poker game. He made the deck of cards himself - they're very tiny! - and dealt and played several hands until he got it right. I asked him who won this hand. Why, the tiny robot, of course.

Double Decked Felines. They can sleep anywhere.


  1. Tatting Fairy Godmothers are the best... I know from personal experience! I hope you love your Tatting Forums shuttle as much as I love mine.

    Great books! I have them all. I just ordered Tatting Collage for my niece, who told me Friday that she'd love to learn how to tat! Yay! Another tatter!

  2. Cisco - such a purty boy! Vader - great sense of camera awareness.

    I have the Tatting Collage book too, but mine is the old one - paperback and smaller than digest size. Sounds like it might be worthwhile to invest in the new edition!

    Love your new shuttle! (Jealous)
    I want a Tatting Fairy Godmother, too!!

  3. I should Livi your last photo, with the monster and action figures having tea. She thought it was very funny, but also "creepy" (her new favorite word). Since then she was worked it into conversation a few times. It's so hilarious to see people's confused faces when she starts talking about about Power Rangers and Lizards having tea. lol
    This one, she says is a little weird, but she wants to see more. :o)

  4. Concerning Tatting Fairy Godmothers, (**Veruca Salt voice**) "*I* want a Tatting Fairy Godmother. I want one now!"

    * Veruca Salt is a ridiculously overindulged, selfish girl in the 1970s film adaption of the book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    You deserve such a lovely shuttle and what a lovely gesture!