Saturday, September 15, 2012

Replacement winner

Since I never heard from Sheree, I had to draw for a new winner for my 400th post contest.

And the new winner is - Marty!

Marty - I don't have your email addy, so I need you to contact me ASAP. I want to get these Workbasket magazines in the mail to you.



  1. ohh, grats Marty :) you lucky ducky you!!

  2. Oh, my goodness, my stars and garters! I LOVE being a replacement! I wish I'd had time to read blogs this weekend -- I was demonstrating tatting at the state fair. I'm tickled beyond belief. I forgot, you need my email -- that way I can send you my snailmail address privately (because if I put it here, I just know I'd be flooded with generous gifts from tatters -- and stalked by one cracked non-tatter). Anyway you can reach me at:
    marty1066 at yahoo dot com (with all the appropriate computer language changes). Ooooo, thanks!

  3. Great pics, CM! Thanks!

    That Lilly is a beauty. She could be a relative of my dear Misha, the Burmilla who had very similar colouring. So pretty. A keeper for sure!
    xxooxx Fox : )