Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some Miscellany

I'm trying to get my head around being back after the fun of Tat Days. I'm in post-Tat Days letdown.

It was great. Really great. But now I've had to jump head first into work, and we are REALLY busy there, including testing on the weekend and fixing problems prior to going to a huge new release of the software package I deal with. Oh well, it makes the time go fast!
On the way back from Tat Days, I had the pleasure of Nina Libin's company. Nina is so sweet, and she is a phenomenal tatter, plus a smart, inventive lady. It was a great treat.

One of the things I found out is that Nina's work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Periodically the museum will have an exhibit of the work of staff and volunteers, many of whom are fine artists in their own right. Nina does some work there in the book conservation department.

This is the work Nina exhibited. It is a tatted book cover she made for a friend who published a book, created to be photographed as the book jacket. It's made of the fine silver thread plus tiny purple beads that Nina is so fond of. The writer declared this a piece of art on its own - and I agree.

In the mean time, I've made another set of earrings. This has no doodad in the middle like the prior pair, but does use the same HDT by Karey, plus a super cute charm. I'm wearing them to church tomorrow.

I have been the recipient of a large gift of Workbasket magazines from the 70's, 80's and 90's. A lovely lady in Texas found these magazines in her late mother's things, and wanted to pass them on to someone who would enjoy them. I'm so lucky!

In home news, Lily is acclimating herself well into our household. The other cats don't hiss at her quite as much. And she is making her own fun.

Do you have this sort of toy in your house for your cat? DH created something equally fun - and cheaper - for Lily to play with.

Behold - instead of ball in a ring, it's ball in a basket! All you need is a round laundry basket and a light weight ball, like a ping pong ball. Lily is all over this.

Hope your weekend is good!


  1. lucky you to have a chance to visit with Nina.
    She does such wonderful work and shares her techniques with us.
    those are cute earrings. you will be noticed at church.
    funny video of Lilly

  2. VERY interesting post! I would have had great difficulty going back to work! I'm retired now but have memories of coming back from vacation and actually crying in the ladies room! That was after our dream trip to Hawaii!

    Nina's book cover is spectacular! Takes my breath away!

    LOVE the cat earring! Expect to get some orders!

    LOVE the video! Cats are SO funny! Looks like she's taking lessons from Vader on how to REALLY relax!

  3. Love the earring! The kitty charm makes it perfect!

    Lily is a hoot - did she ever catch that ball?

  4. Nina Libin's work is incredibly lovely. It appears almost unbelievable that simple tatting transforms into this breathtaking work of art simply by changing the thread and adding a multitude of well-placed beads.

    When you showed me the silver kittens you bought from Karey Solomon, I never imagined how beautiful the finished tatting would look. What gorgeous creativity.

    Well . . . , now I can not decide which is my favorite kitten video clip: ping-pong-ball Lily or machine-gun Vader.

    Lily is a lovely kitty, but not as lovely as 'my' Cisco, the very creative word-smithing PenPal.

    Cisco, your auntie misses you and sends you kitty hugs.
    [p.s. Crazy Mom, please, more photos of Cisco (and of Vader, too).]