Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winner, winner

Jess of Tat-ilicious made me a winner!

Yup, I won her recent giveaway, and she sent me some cool stuff.

Some of her gorgeous hand dyed thread - yum! The green and purple one is called Purple Mountain Majesty, and the other pinky gold & burgundy one is big ol' hank of Torch Lily! (I need to keep Miss Lily away from this. Don't want her to carry a torch for it - or carry it off!)

Plus Jess sent me a buncha beads and neat findings! Wow - I'm a happy camper!

I'm doing a bit of tatting for a friend, a present for her since she has a new grandchild. My friend makes custom christening gowns and asked for some tatted edging for the top and sleeves. So I'm making the top edging here, some that Jon diagramed. Oh - the shuttles are ones I picked up at Tat Days, done by Shuttle Lab Trends.

It's a bit cooler here and some of the leaves have started to change. These are dogwoods, which produce berries that the birds feast on. The leaves will get much redder before they're done.

We've turned off the air conditioning and have the windows open night and day. I love fall!

Cisco is trying to ignore Vader making a fool of himself hiding under my ottoman.


  1. Well done, gorgeous thread and beads.
    Beautiful edging, should look lovely on the christening grown

  2. Lovely edging! Congrats on your wins!

    Cisco ALWAYS looks regal and magnificent! Vader is just - well - Vader. Such opposite personalities!

  3. Wonderful giveaway things. Lucky you. I drooled all over the HDT I saw at Tat Days and left the vending room with a hole in my money!!!

  4. lucky winner to you too.
    Jess has pretty threads. and the beads and findings she sent. Will have to see what you and I both come up with over time.
    That edging will look very good on the christening gown.

  5. Yay! Can't wait to see what you tat with your beautiful new thread!!

  6. My cat would do the same as Vader. That is why I have so few pictures of her. She's very cuddly, but once the camera comes out... she's gone. :o)

  7. Congratulations on your winning!! :)
    And your edging is very beautiful!! :)

  8. Lovely threads congratulations.
    Cooler! I am just trying to imagine what it must be like for you have the windows open! Here they are shut as it is so cold.